How Easy is the CPA Exam?

CPA Exam Easy? Not Easy

So you are interested in figuring out how easy is the CPA Exam. Well let’s address the elephant in the room. The answer is the CPA Exam is not easy. If you thought the CPA Exam would be similar to the Staples button that says that was easy, you should probably reevaluate your perception of the CPA Exam.

With four sections that cover Auditing and Attestation, Business Environment and Concepts, Financial Accounting and Reporting, and Regulation, the CPA Exam will test you in a wide breadth of topics. Understanding these topics can be extremely difficult. Imagine taking your entire business-related undergraduate and graduate coursework and then adding a few topics that you may not have seen. This is essentially what you must know for the CPA Exam, which you could imagine are four super cumulative finals. In addition, the four sections of the CPA Exam are a combined 14 hours of testing, which will soon increase to 16 hours of testing come April 1, 2017. The process of studying and sitting for the CPA Exam can be a grueling process that requires an insatiable amount of mental stamina.

CPA Exam Easy? Not Impossible

Although the CPA Exam is not easy, the CPA Exam is by no means impossible. You can pass all four parts of the CPA Exam! Look at the licensed CPAs that have come before you. Like you, they endured through the four parts. They studied like there was no tomorrow. They were ready for the challenges that were presented to them on test day. Chances are you have encountered more difficult tasks in your life thus far. Chances are you will encounter more difficult tasks in your life going forward. You showed that you were able to solve the task at hand. Likewise, you will be able to solve the task of the CPA Exam. After all, you have been prepping for the CPA Exam since your first accounting class. When you were discussing debits and credits, cost-volume-profit analysis, and ratio analysis, you were preparing for the CPA Exam. Confidence is key. You know more than you think you may. With some brushing up, you can solidify the topics and pass the CPA Exam. As always, remember to breathe.

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