CPA Exam Scores

CPA Pass Rates And Percentages

  We all know the CPA exam is hard. But what are the real pass rates and statistics? We need to know! We’ve compiled a listing of CPA pass rates and percentages to give you an idea of what you’re up against. Ultimately, though, you shouldn’t take these stats too seriously. If you’re putting in the […]

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Tips For The Day Before CPA Exam Day

It’s easy to think the entire day before the exam should be spent studying, but hear me out: you should definitely take some time to just chill. Being relaxed and in a good mindset for the exam is key. Use these tips for the day before CPA exam day to whip you into the best […]

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What If I Can’t Pass The CPA Exam?

Not passing the CPA exam. It haunts our dreams, invades our thoughts, beats us down mentally and physically. All I’m saying is, if you want a truly horrifying Halloween costume this year, dress up as a score report reading “74”. Okay, it’s not really that bad, but none of us can help but wonder: what […]

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CPA Exam Advisory Score

  I saw a joke one time that a girl posted after everyone had received their “advisory score” that said “My advisory score was an 83 but my official score dropped ten points to a 73!” Turns out it was April Fool’s Day. Very few people seemed to find this funny. It’s easy to let […]

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Analyzing Your CPA Test Results

  You’ve been refreshing the scores page for the last 15 minutes waiting for yours to finally pop up. When it finally does, you’re either completely elated or totally let down. Really, there is no in between. But how exactly do you analyze your CPA test results? Well, as usual, it depends on your score. […]

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CPA Exam Grading Curve

Who here gets excited when their professor says, “All exams are scored on a curve.” Cue grading party! Unless you have some genius in your class who makes the whole curve concept moot. Then, less exciting. While college professors were up front about it, the CPA exam is not. We all want to know, is there […]

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CPA First Time Pass Rates

We all want to know what the stats are of passing the CPA exam on the first attempt. Because, as much as we love being holed up in our parent’s basement studying, we’d like to go back to our normal social life as soon as possible. Just give us that magical 75! 4 times in a […]

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