CPA Exam Rescheduling

CPA Exam Rescheduling

There are two instances where you may need to reschedule your exam. The first is if you can’t make your originally appointed exam time. The second is if you fail your exam and need to schedule a retake. We’ll talk about the processes for both here.

Rescheduling Because You Aren’t Ready

Many of us have been there: exam day is in 5 days and we just don’t feel ready. Maybe you feel really unprepared. Like “there-is-absolutely-no-way-I-am-going-to-pass” unprepared. You can either decide to pay an entirely new exam fee to reschedule or just not show up for the exam. But really, what’s the harm in going in to take it?

Even if you don’t pass the exam, taking it will give you a good idea of what the exam content looks like and how the exam feels. Plus, you already paid for it, and if you reschedule less than 5 days out, you’ll have to pay for it again, so what’s the downside? Just try your best on it and use it as a learning experience. Who knows, you may pass!

Rescheduling Because Life Got In The Way

Sometimes life doesn’t go as well as we planned; even if you scheduled your exam a month out, something could come up that causes you to have to reschedule. Life happens, and the CPA exam is just going to have to roll with that.

If you do decide to reschedule your exam, there are fees involved:

  • Reschedule 30 days in advance is no penalty.
  • Reschedule 5-29 days in advance is a $35 fee.
  • Reschedule 1-5 days in advance you’ll be charged full price for the rescheduled exam.
  • Rescheduling is not allowed 24 hours in advance. You’ll have to reapply later.

I would only reschedule if you have a serious reason to, and you can do so on the Prometric website or by calling their Candidate Services Center.

CPA Exam Rescheduling After A Fail

This isn’t technically rescheduling, it’s applying for reexamination. Often, when you get your score report from your state board of accountancy, they will send a form that allows you to apply for reexamination. If you passed, you obviously don’t need this form, but if you didn’t, you can reapply.

The same process applies after that: you get your NTS and use it to schedule your exam. Keep in mind that it takes at least few weeks to get your NTS, so even if you don’t plan on taking the exam you failed right away, it’s still good to apply for the NTS. And remember, if you have any questions, you can always contact your state board of accountancy. Or go Google crazy. Whatever floats your boat.

Good luck my CPA exam friends!

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