CPA Exam Last Minute Help

Your exam is tomorrow. Literally less than 24 hours. You need tips. You need help. You need support. Read on.

cpa exam last minute help me

Pre-CPA Exam Last Minute Help

Study The Important Stuff

Remember, the important stuff are the things that are both difficult for you and highly tested on the exam. If you’re having trouble with remembering all the mnemonics for individual taxation on REG, you need to spend the night before studying that information. It’s guaranteed to be tested on the exam. Don’t spend your time studying frivolous details unless that’s all you’re having trouble with.

Have A Plan

The exams have sections and are timed. It’s therefore good to have a plan on how long each section should take beforehand. Allot yourself time for each section and stick to the plan when you take the exam.

During CPA Exam Last Minute Help

Write As Much As You Can Down

When you first get into the exam, you’ll be given a black marker and an erasable sheet of laminated paper. Write everything on that sheet that you’ve had a hard time remembering or you know will be essential. It’s not against the rules, and it will clear your brain out. If you need that material, it will be there waiting for you.

Keep Track Of Your Time

Remember the plan we talked about earlier? It’s pointless if you don’t stick to it. Keep an eye on the time and do your best to not go over in any area.

Read The Question

Does this sound silly? I have gotten so many questions wrong in my career because I missed the “not” or “except” part of a question. Read the question slowly and carefully before you try to answer.

Answer What You Know, Flag What You Don’t

Go through each multiple-choice question at a fairly fast pace. Answer the stuff you know for sure and flag anything you’re on the fence about. When I say on the fence, I mean between “I have absolutely no clue” and “I’m 50-50”. See more about this below.

If You’re 80% sure about an answer, Don’t Go Back

If you’re mostly sure an answer is correct, answer it and don’t flag it. There are two reasons you should do this. One: you’re probably right. Two: it’s very easy to waste time contemplating two answers. Time is valuable in minutes on the CPA exam, and wasting even a few can be detrimental in future testlets. If you’re mostly sure, mark the answer and don’t look back.

Use Research Tools In Sims

The research tool in your sims is available for ALL sims, not just the research question. If you have extra time and aren’t sure how to account for a certain item, use the Authoritative Literature to look it up. Remember though that you only have a certain amount of time. Answer everything you know first and then go back and use the research if you have time.

Answer All The Questions

Please, please, please answer all the multiple-choice questions and DO NOT leave any sim questions blank. You get points for right answers. You get zero points for wrong answers and blank answers. If you leave something blank, there’s a guarantee of zero points. But if you put in your best guess, you may get it right and gain points. Use that to your advantage and answer every question.

Good luck my CPA friends!

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