CPA Exam Advisory Score

I saw a joke one time that a girl posted after everyone had received their “advisory score” that said “My advisory score was an 83 but my official score dropped ten points to a 73!” Turns out it was April Fool’s Day. Very few people seemed to find this funny.

It’s easy to let your eyes drift to the term “advisory” when you finally receive your long-awaited score. And once your eyes drift, it’s easy to let your brain start to spin out of control with “what ifs”. If you passed the exam, you’ll think, what if my score goes lower to, gulp, a non-passing score? And if you didn’t pass, you’ll wonder if maybe your official score might be higher.

But, either way, there’s no reason to fret, brood, or get too excited: your advisory score will be your official score.

What Is The CPA Exam Advisory Score?

We all love the fact that we can receive our scores online and don’t have to wait for paper score reports, but the first score you receive online isn’t an “official” score. What happens is the AICPA scores the exam by your examination ID only, not your name. And when those scores come out online, they are through your examination ID.

After those “advisory” scores are released, the scores are sent to NASBA, who processes them and matches to scores to the individual names of candidates. The scores are sent to state boards of accountancy for approval and then officially released to candidates.

So, technically, your score isn’t official until your state board releases it and you get the fancy piece of paper saying you passed.

What Does That Mean For You?

There’s no reason to fret about an advisory score because your score isn’t going to change. NASBA isn’t going to see your score and say, “oh, actually, she forgot to put a decimal for this question” and bump you from a 75 to a 74. It’s just not going to happen.

What you really should do when you see that passing advisory score is to go celebrate. Don’t worry about the word advisory; be excited about the fact that you are one step closer to becoming a CPA!

Celebrate CPA Exam Advisory Score

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