Colorado CPA Licensing Process

Aspiring Colorado CPAs, I am super proud of you. You have passed the CPA Exam and are looking to become a licensed CPA in the great state of Colorado. You, aspiring Colorado CPAs, have so, so much to be proud of in addition to the Denver Broncos winning Super Bowl 50.

Broncos Win Colorado CPA Licensing Process

A majestic moment.

Photo by Arnie Papp

Now it’s time to get licensed in the grand old state of Colorado.

The Centennial State CPA Licensing Process

Passing the AICPA Professional Ethics Exam is the first thing you’ll need to get the pretty three letters, “CPA,” on your business card. This exam is composed of 40 multiple choice questions and is open book and you need to score a 90 percent or higher to receive credit. For more information about the ethics requirement, please visit

Colorado also requires that you have one year of accounting experience in public accounting, industry, government, or academia and no fewer than 1,800 accounting related hours. Document your work experience on the Certificate of Experience Form and have your supervisor complete the verifier section.

Once you have your ethics and work experience completed, there is one more step left: fill out the rest of the Application for Original Licensure through NASBA. You will need to submit a signed Affidavit of Eligibility, Certificate of Experience, official transcripts, and the AICPA Professional Ethics Exam Certificate of Completion. Please keep in mind that you will need 150 credit hours to become a licensed CPA in Colorado. If you passed the CPA Exam with a four-year degree (120 credit hours), you will need to earn an additional 30 credit hours. You can direct any additional questions about Colorado CPA licensing requirements at or your state board.

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