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Sample CPA FAR Practice Questions

You are probably well aware that Financial Accounting and Reporting (FAR) is typically considered the hardest section because it has the lowest pass rate of the four sections that make up the Uniform CPA Exam. As a result, it is important to have a solid understanding of the material tested to ensure that you only […]

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Sample CPA AUD Practice Questions

AUD can be sneaky; you’ll notice many of the questions include in general or most likely. That’s why having a thorough understanding of the material is key to passing the exam. According to the AICPA’s Content and Skill Specifications, the six general concepts tested on the AUD CPA exam are fairly evenly weighted. To gain a better understand […]

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Test Strategies For FAR CPA Inventory Questions

The financial accounting and reporting (FAR) test covers topics related to accounting transactions and generating financial statements. This test is all about the day-to-day work of accounting. About 30% of your FAR test covers financial statement accounts, including questions on inventory. This section of the test is tricky, so use these tips to perform well […]

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What To Focus On For The REG CPA Exam

Speculation runs rampant on what to focus on for the REG CPA exam. And there’s no point beating around the bush: if you’re going to pass the REG section of the CPA exam, you’re going to have to know your taxes. Having said that, you can’t just study tax. You may get lucky and have […]

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Sample CPA BEC Practice Questions

Some tout Business Environment and Concepts (BEC) as the easiest section because it has the highest pass rate of the four sections that comprise the Uniform CPA Exam. However, underestimating BEC can be a sure path to retaking this section. BEC covers a wide array of topics including Corporate Governance, Economic Concepts and Analysis, Financial […]

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FAR Task-Based Simulations: What To Expect

Wouldn’t it be great if CPA exam sims were actually like the SIMS computer game? Ah, bliss. Unfortunately, FAR task-based simulations come with an especially high level of stress, very unlike the kind you feel when playing the SIMS. Luckily, we’re here to help you bust that stress and go into the simulations feeling confident. […]

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