Can You Pass the CPA Exam in Three Months?

You want to pass all four parts of the Uniform CPA Exam  in three months? You want to pass the CPA Exam in approximately 90 days? You want pass the CPA Exam in approximately one testing window? Wow! I am digging your energy, your mojo, your vibe! Do you want the good news or the not so good news first? Good news it is! The good news is yes it is possible to pass the CPA Exam in three months. Not to boast, I took and passed all four parts of the CPA Exam in one window. I took FAR on October 23, 2014, BEC on October, 31, 2014, AUD on November 13, 2014, and REG on November 29, 2014. For those of you doing some mental math, this equates to 37 days, which is approximately 53 days shy of say three months. The not so good news is that taking and passing all four parts of the CPA Exam in 37 days or even 90 days take a considerable amount of time and effort that may not be practical for you and your schedule. Let’s dive a little bit deeper into the pros and cons of the question at hand.

CPA Exam in Three Months: Good News

As described above, the good news is yes you can pass the CPA Exam in three months. Some of the benefits of passing in such a short time period include alleviating the stress of worrying about the CPA Exam, getting your life back, and having time to start studying for the CFA 🙂 If you are still in school, you will shortly find out that working in public accounting or a similar a career path will not leave you much time to study for the Exam. There is no time like the present, so get it done. Create a study plan. Make sure you actually have time to study for AUD, BEC, FAR, and REG. Schedule your Exams. Study like there is no tomorrow. If you diligently stick to your plan, you can succeed.

CPA Exam in Three Months: Not So Good News

Now it is time for the not so good news about taking and passing all four parts of the CPA Exam in three months. Prepare to have what some people consider as having no life. In all seriousness though, you will be incredibly busy studying and mastering concepts. You will eat, sleep, and breathe all things CPA Exam. The social interactions that you have will probably be something like:

Mike: Hey Jake, we haven’t seen you in a while. How’s the CPA Exam going?

Jake: Blah blah blah REG blah blah blah Dividends received deduction

Mike: Have you seen the new episode of Game of Thrones?

Jake: Have you seen the new REG video lecture?

The good news is this kind of conversation will fizzle when you are all finished with the CPA Exam until Mike starts taking the CPA Exam 🙂 As always, remember to breathe.

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