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    Megan earned her BS in Accounting from the University of Kentucky and has successfully passed all four parts of the CPA exam. Naturally, after putting in all the time and effort to pass the exam, she decided to become a writer instead. Through her writing, she hopes to share insights and help you on your journey to become a CPA. In her free time she likes to cook delicious food, bother her cats and troll Pinterest for Harry Potter memes.

The Best CPA Study Tips

I know you guys are all about some CPA study tips. So I’ve compiled a list of the BEST CPA study tips that I know. Read, learn, apply. Learn Your Learning Style This is my top advice for anyone studying for the CPA exam. When I first started studying for the exams, I read everything, […]

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How To Simulate CPA Exam Day

CPA test day can seem daunting if you don’t know what you expect. Luckily, there are a host of resources available to you in order to simulate CPA exam day. Let’s talk about preparing for CPA exam day by creating a mock day, where you do everything exactly the same as you would on the […]

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Tips For CPA Test Day

You’ve waited, you’ve studied, you’ve prepped to no end. Now you need to know what you can do right before the CPA exam to give you the best chance of passing. To help you prep on exam day, check out the following ten tips for CPA test day that will help you before the exam, […]

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Tips For The Day Before CPA Exam Day

It’s easy to think the entire day before the exam should be spent studying, but hear me out: you should definitely take some time to just chill. Being relaxed and in a good mindset for the exam is key. Use these tips for the day before CPA exam day to whip you into the best […]

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What If I Can’t Pass The CPA Exam?

Not passing the CPA exam. It haunts our dreams, invades our thoughts, beats us down mentally and physically. All I’m saying is, if you want a truly horrifying Halloween costume this year, dress up as a score report reading “74”. Okay, it’s not really that bad, but none of us can help but wonder: what […]

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Should You Be Both A CPA And CFA?

  It can seem very exciting to start putting acronyms behind your name. I mean, Megan Bierwirth, CPA, CFA, CFP, MBA sounds pretty good, right? To me, it actually looks a little horrifying but that’s neither here nor there. I’m going to give you some advice right off the bat: don’t just get designations to get […]

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Jobs That Require The CPA Exam

  So you’re about to spend a bunch of time, effort, and money to pass your CPA exam. You may be wondering, what do I need my CPA for? Do the jobs that require the CPA exam even interest me? For the most part, you can get an entry level accounting or bookkeeping job without being […]

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CPA Exam Advisory Score

  I saw a joke one time that a girl posted after everyone had received their “advisory score” that said “My advisory score was an 83 but my official score dropped ten points to a 73!” Turns out it was April Fool’s Day. Very few people seemed to find this funny. It’s easy to let […]

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