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    Ken Boyd, a former CPA, is the author of 4 Dummies books on Accounting, including Cost Accounting for Dummies. He blogs and produces video content at

CPA Exam FAR Derivatives

No one should ever drive 70 miles per hour in a 40 MPH zone. This analogy can be applied to the derivative questions on the FAR test. I’ve seen many CPA candidates plow through a lot of rules and regulations about reporting derivative transactions, without understanding how these financial tools work. The most important goal […]

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Critical Formulas You Need For The FAR Test

The financial accounting and reporting (FAR) test covers topics related to accounting transactions and generating financial statements. This test is all about the day-to-day work of accounting, and the amount of information you need to know can be overwhelming. Understanding some key formulas can help you answer a number of questions correctly. Use these formulas […]

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How To Pass The CPA Exam On Your First Try

Everyone prefers to get difficult things accomplished on the first try, and the same attitude applies to the CPA exam. Studying for the exam is a huge commitment of time, and we’d all prefer to pass all four tests on the first attempt. It’s tough, but with proper planning and enough effort, you can do […]

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Four Secrets For CPA Exam Success

Sometimes, important information isn’t easy to spot, and that’s true of the CPA exam. If you can go into each test with some key pieces of information, you can get better results, and that’s the secret to passing the CPA exam. Use these tips to improve your test scores. Multiple-choice answers don’t provide hints I […]

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My CPA Exam Experience

“Experience is the name everyone gives to their mistakes.” This quote from Oscar Wilde explains my CPA exam experience, because I made a lot of mistakes along the way. I passed the exam in February of 1992, and it took me two or three tries of get all four sections passed. I hope you can […]

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Smart Decisions About CPA Exam Tutors

The CPA exam is a big commitment of both time and money. In addition to the cost of your undergraduate coursework, you may purchase a CPA review course or a set of review books. In some cases, CPA candidates hire personal tutors to help them get through the exam. This addition expense that may be […]

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Helpful Ways To Cram For The REG Test

Cramming for a test can be stressful, if you don’t stay focused on the most-tested material. One way to make cramming less stressful is to think through a plan and stick with it. The REG test on the CPA exam is particularly challenging, since it cover business law, ethics, and taxes. Use these tips to […]

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5 Tips To Get Ready For The CPA Exam

The CPA exam is a valuable credential that can greatly improve your career, but passing the exam requires careful planning and a big time commitment on your part. Before you dive in and start studying, use these five tips to get ready for the CPA exam. Make the time commitment to study Finding the time […]

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Useful Classes For CPA Exam Prep

  Preparing for the CPA exam requires hundreds of hours of study, as well as a financial investment. Making smart decisions about review courses and other resources can save time and increase your chances of passing the exam. Use these tips to decide on a plan of study. The two building blocks Financial accounting and […]

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