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    Alex works as a CPA at a Big 4 public accounting firm. She has recently finished up a stint as an English teacher in Thailand where she worked with the cutest kindergarteners known to man. She currently is traveling and posting from various countries in Europe, and is always on the go. Alex refuses to outgrow stuffed animals (hence the photo) and her love of ordering from the kids menu.

What To Expect on CPA Test Day

The day has finally arrived. You’ve studied for countless hours, reviewed and learned tons of GAAP rules, and now is the day you’re headed to the CPA exam testing center. So what should you expect the on your CPA test day? I listed the usual itinerary for the day of my CPA exams and the […]

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CPA Exam Format

Each section of the CPA exam is comprised of a combination of multiple choice questions, task based simulations, and written communication tasks. But the CPA exam format does vary section by section.   CPA Exam Format by Section   Length Multiple Choice Questions Task Based Simulations Written Communication Tasks AUD 4 90 7 0 BEC […]

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Requirements to sit for the CPA Exam

In order to sit for the CPA exam, you must first decide in which state you wish to take the exam. The state you select should be the state in which you plan to work in. Each state has different requirements related to education, residency, and age. As long as you’re able to meet the […]

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BEC Exam Tips

Forcing yourself to sit down to study for the BEC exam can be a challenge. For many, BEC is the final section of the CPA exam still looming over your head. It’s the section of the CPA with the least amount of material potentially tested, and also the most mysterious in terms of what it’s […]

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How Do You Apply To Be A CPA?

Applying for your actual CPA license can be more convoluted than the exam itself. I naively thought that the second I passed the CPA exam, I would have a certificate and license en-route to my house from the Pennsylvania Board of Accountancy the next day. Unfortunately, I was very wrong. From the time I passed […]

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When Will I Get My CPA Exam Results?

The hard part is over. You’ve studied for two long, arduous months, perhaps while simultaneously working a full or part-time job.  You have sat at a testing center for nearly four interminable hours.  And you have sacrificed the social life you thought would be improved by your post-collegiate income level.  Now you just need to […]

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