AUD Exam

Clever Ways to Cram for the AUD Test

It’s hard to be productive when you’re under time pressure, and that makes cramming for a test difficult. If you’re running short on time to study for the AUD test, consider using a plan that focuses on the most frequently tested topics. This approach makes your available study time effective, and you can enter the […]

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Audit Reports: The Hardest Part of the AUD Test

The auditing and attestation (AUD) test on the CPA exam covers audit reports, reviews and compilations, along with audit assertions. Hands down, the most difficult section of the AUD test is audit report questions. This section of the test requires you to learn and digest specific language, and apply that language to auditing situations. Use […]

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Sample CPA AUD Practice Questions

AUD can be sneaky; you’ll notice many of the questions include in general or most likely. That’s why having a thorough understanding of the material is key to passing the exam. According to the AICPA’s Content and Skill Specifications, the six general concepts tested on the AUD CPA exam are fairly evenly weighted. To gain a better understand […]

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