Accountant Life

What Type Of Accountant Should I Be?

Tell anyone you’re an accountant and they’ll immediately ask if you’ll do their taxes. It’s an inevitability. But you seriously have a huge choice in careers paths. With all the options, you may wonder, “what type of accountant should I be?”. We’ve got you covered. We’ll look at the four major categories of accountants and […]

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Should I Take a CPA Prep Course?

“Should I take a CPA prep course?” you ask. While I do not specifically endorse any of the test prep products discussed in this post, I would highly encourage that you use a CPA test prep course of your choice to successfully pass the Uniform CPA Exam. The CPA Exam is very, very difficult. Although […]

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Working as a CPA at a Big 4 Accounting Firm

Perhaps you have been lured in by the excitement that comes along with Big 4 Accounting. Free food, swag, case competitions, networking events, community service, office visits, summer leadership programs, scholarships, internships, build your own internships, global internships, and full time employment are just a few things that can make the idea of working as […]

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