4 CPA Misconceptions Debunked

I definitely wouldn’t put myself in the nerd category. And I like to spend money. And I’m not amazing at math. How, then, can I call myself an accountant? Because real life, that’s why. Here we debunk 4 CPA misconceptions. Prepare for mind-blowing realizations.

cpa misconceptions

1. CPAs (And Accountants) Are REALLY Good At Math

LOLs for days. In my previous job, I had several people exclaim at my horrible counting abilities. Keep in mind, I said counting abilities, not accounting abilities.

We don’t have to be math geniuses, because Excel. And the dozens of other accounting software platforms out there. Obviously, we can’t be totally terrible at math, but most of us didn’t get a 5 on the AP Calc exam.

2. Any CPA Can Do My Taxes AND Run My Small Business

cpa misconceptions

You absolutely don’t want me doing your taxes. Sure, I took half a CPA exam on taxes, but that isn’t nearly enough to be qualified to accurately do taxes. I have an audit and corporate background; tax isn’t my thing.

People often look at CPAs and think they can do anything in the financial world. But I wouldn’t want a small business CPA being the CFO of a Fortune 500 Company or a tax CPA managing an audit. Just like anything, CPAs specialize. So be careful who you’re asking to do your taxes.

3. CPAs Sit In The Back Office And Never Come Out

Believe it or not, accountants are human. And in being human, we are social beings. Over time, CPAs have developed this stigma of being introverted, nerdy, and even a little mysterious. What do they do all day?

Honestly, though, we’re just like everyone else. Some of us enjoy going for runs, some of us like craft beer, some of us like going to dinner with friends. Okay, I’m mostly describing myself, but it gets the point across that we are multi-faceted individuals. We aren’t hermits confined to little CPA cabins in corporate offices.

4. CPAs Are Rule Followers (And Therefore Aren’t Risk Takers)

The whole point of being an accountant is to follow GAAP and follow correct business practices. But that doesn’t mean CPAs can’t get a little crazy outside of work.

I have a CPA friend who skydives and travels the world during her vacation time (which is, by the way, extensive. CPA perks!). The point is that CPAs take risks and do things outside of their comfort zones. And we aren’t total penny pinchers. While we’re more aware than most about the importance of saving, we’ll definitely splurge on a two-week trip to Paris or the perfect work bag.

So before you go knocking on the CPA lifestyle, keep in mind these little tidbits. And Google an average CPA’s salary. Even if they are total accounting nerds, can you blame them?

Good luck my CPA friends!


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