10 CPA Prep Tips To Use During The Holidays

What comes to mind when you think about the holidays? Usually good things, but it’s not unusual to have feelings of dread and anxiety if you have to study for the CPA exam. But, as with the CPA exam itself, the key is to be properly prepared. Check out these 10 CPA prep tips to help you get the most out of studying during the holiday season.

1. Find A Quiet Space

Depending on your situation, you may be surrounded by raucous holiday celebrators (i.e. your family). Find a space where you can study away from the noise. It needs to be somewhere comfortable, but where know you can focus. Bonus points for caffeine availability and no shortage of holiday cheer. Starbucks, anyone?

cpa prep tips

2. Keep In Mind That If You Work Hard, You’ll Pass

Use this as motivation to continue studying through the holidays. It may be rough right now, but wouldn’t you rather have a boring holiday season and pass than spend next year studying during the holidays again?

3. Make Sure You Know How To Study

My favorite study tip to tell people is to know how you learn. If you know how to learn, your studying will be much more efficient. Efficiency leads to more time that could be spent enjoying the holidays.

4. Allot Study Time

And make sure everyone knows to leave you alone. I know your mom is super excited to motivate you (or maybe she enjoys guilt tripping you for not enjoying the holiday festivities), but you need your study space. Have a dedicated time each day for studying.

cpa prep tips

5. Create A Holiday Goal

Make your holiday goal as small or large as you want. But get it done before the holidays are over.

cpa prep tips

6. Prepare Your “No’s”

You’ll likely be asked to participate in all manner of holiday shenanigans, but prepare yourself to say “no.” Pick your absolute, can’t-live-without-favorites, and do those ONLY.

7. Get On The Mobile Train

Diversify. Get your learning materials on your phone, tablet, computer, notepad, xbox, gameboy (okay those last two are reachy, but you get what I mean). This will ensure you can study anytime, anywhere. Yay!

8. Keep Your Test Date In Mind

Before the holidays, decide how much you are going to study — and consider the reality of sticking to that plan. If you’re super diligent, maybe have a test date soon after the holidays, since you’ll have a generous amount of time to study. If you know you’re hardly going to get any study time in, it may be smart to rethink that January 4th test date.

9. Do Something Fun

For the past few months, your days have included a busy life plus studying. Take this holiday time to do something fun (keeping in mind tip number 6). You’ll feel rejuvenated and ready to get back to the books when you’re done.

10. Spend Some Much Needed Time With Family

It may seem counter intuitive, but family support may be just what you need right now. Plus, you’ve given them the slip to study for awhile now; repay them by spending some (limited) quality time together.

Good luck my CPA friends!

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