How Do I Send in My CAT Score?

After months of preparation, you’ve finally taken the CAT and received your score. Fantastic! But for a lot of applicants, this leaves them with only one question: what next? While the process of applying to IIMs can be confusing, sending in your CAT score doesn’t have to be. The short answer to the question “How do I send in my CAT score?” is that you don’t have to—the IIMs automatically receive your results based on your CAT application. For the longer answer, read on!

The IIM Application Process

Before looking at how CAT scores are sent to IIMs, let’s take a quick overview of the IIM admission process. In short:

  • You take the CAT exam (when registering, you’ll list the IIMs to which you want your scores sent);
  • If your CAT scores are high enough, you’ll take a Written Ability Test (WAT);
  • After passing the written ability test, you may be invited to participate in group discussions (depending on the IIMs to which you applied);
  • Finally, candidates in the last stages of selection will be invited to IIMs for a personal interview.

How Do I Send in My CAT Score?

As you can see, there’s only one point at which you can select which schools you’d like your scores sent to: when registering for the CAT exam. This usually takes place in August and September, so it’s a good idea to start considering your ideal IIMs early, and think about what might be realistic for you in terms of your CAT scores and goals.

Getting Your CAT Scores

After you take the CAT exam, usually in late November or early December, there is a wait before the IIM administering the CAT that year (it changes every year) releases your scores. Score release usually happens in mid-January.

After your scores are released, you can view your results by logging into the CAT website with your ID (given to you during CAT registration). Note that the website changes each year! This is where you’ll see your score card; you won’t have one sent to you in the mail or receive a hard copy in any way, so what you see on the screen is it!

After Receiving Your CAT Scores

Once you’ve seen your CAT scores, download them and save them in a safe place. It’s also a good idea to print out the score card and save it in a safe place, too.

Why is it so important to keep your score card safe, if the administering IIM sends your scores directly to the other IIMs? Because it’s one of the mandatory documents you’ll need to present in the final admission round. You definitely want to have it ready in case you need it!

The CAT Score Card: NOT an Afterthought!

Even though you’re not applying to IIMs individually and don’t need to send them your CAT score directly, I can’t emphasize the importance of safeguarding that score card enough! The last thing you want is to be shortlisted for your dream school and unable to prove your score—or have to go through a last-minute nightmare of administrative bureaucracy to get it.

In the end? You can breathe a sigh of relief. Once you’ve finished the CAT, your exam worries are over. Those scores will be automatically sent. So exhale and start thinking about the next stages of your application. And above all, good luck!

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