Last Minute CAT Advice

Last Minute CAT Advice

So, your CAT exam is right around the corner. What can you do to succeed, right before your big day? Here’s some last minute CAT advice.

Keep the look and feel of the test fresh in your mind.

Hopefully, you’ve already taken the most recent official mock CAT test online. If you haven’t taken the official mock CAT, go through it as soon as you can. And even if you have already taken the official mock CAT, access it again. It’s good to look at that official practice test at the last minute. The test closely imitates the real CAT. If the CAT’s structure and content are fresh in your mind on test day, you’ll be a lot more confident.

Review the basics, even if you think you already know them.

If you will be taking the CAT in just a few days (or in just several hours), there’s not really much time to learn new CAT content. Instead, review all the basics of CAT Quant, Verbal, Data Interpretation, and Logical Reasoning. By reviewing the most important things that you learned during your CAT prep, you minimize the chance that you’ll forget something important during the test.

It’s especially important to review basics that are easy-to-remember, such as math formulas, grammar rules, and so on. Keep the fundamental rules of Quant and Verbal at the front of your mind, ready for use on the CAT exam.

Don’t “cram.”

In the past several weeks, you’ve probably had a few intense, late-night CAT study sessions. Good for you! At times, that kind of hard work is necessary for academic success. But now that it’s almost time for the real CAT exam, you shouldn’t do any more cramming. It takes time to recover from a long, exhausting study session. If you do some last minute cramming, you could still be tired and distracted by the time you sit the test.

So when you plan your final days of study, make a schedule that lets you get a good night’s sleep before the test. And study as little as possible on test day. In fact, not studying at all on the actual day of the test is probably best. Just stay calm and focused as you head to the test center! Speaking of which….

Know where your test center is, and how to get to it.

This is such a simple last minute activity that many people forget it. But you should know exactly where your CAT exam will be administered, before you actually go in to take the test. Figure out how to get there from your house, and know exactly which building, floor, and room you need to go to. If possible, make an in-person practice trip to the CAT testing center a day or two before your exam.

Take care of yourself.

Instead of cramming, make sure you are rested, focused, and in good physical and mental form. In the final days leading up to the CAT, sleep well and eat well. You’ve already spent a lot of time focusing on the CAT test, the academic content of this test, test strategies, and so on. Now that you’re almost at your goal, it’s time to focus on the biggest contributor to your CAT success: you.

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