Where to Find Free CAT Mock Tests Online

Free CAT Mock Tests Online

Free mock CAT tests? What a concept! But can you really find free, good-quality practice CAT mock tests online? The short answer is “yes.”

There are many mock CAT tests on the web. But you shouldn’t settle for just any test you find. Quite a few unofficial mock CAT tests aren’t true to the real format of the exam. They cover different subjects and different types of questions. Studying for the wrong material can leave you unprepared for the CAT. So tread carefully. Avoid bad mock CAT tests, and stick with the very best online practice materials.

In this post, I’ll give you a guide to the best kind of mock CAT tests — the kind made by the IIM, the organization that also makes the real CAT.

The Official Mock CAT Exam from IIM/Prometric

Back in 2009, the CAT went from being a paper-based test to a computer-based test. The IIM hired Prometric, and American computer-based-testing company, to oversee the first computerized CAT exams.

Prometric no longer administers the IIM CAT. However, they do still host a mock version of the 2009 CAT. Prometric’s mock CAT exam is on their on their official website.

While this practice test from Prometric is useful, it has some shortcomings. Most obviously, Prometric’s practice CAT is very short. You get just 12 practice questions, while the current CAT has 100 questions. This isn’t enough to provide a full sample of everything you might see on the CAT. You only get a very basic look at Quantitative and Verbal, and no real DILR practice.

Another issue with the Prometric test is that is is dated. While the questions more or less reflect current CAT content for Quant and Verbal, there have been many subtle changes to CAT format and content since 2009. And Prometric’s tutorial on how to use the CAT testing computer is completely out-of-date and should be ignored entirely.

Finally — and this is quite frustrating — there is no answer key for the 12 practice questions. So you get a look at the kind of content that might be on the CAT, but you don’t get a measure of your performance.

Still, this mock CAT test makes for a good warm-up exercise. Then, after a quick drill with Prometric, you can move on to the very best official mock CAT test. What test is that? Glad you asked! Read on….

The Official Mock CAT Test from the IIM

The IIM always maintains a current official mock CAT exam, accurate to the most recent version of the CAT. You can find this mock CAT test at Digitalm.com.

The current official mock CAT has the exact same computer interface, time limits, sections, and number of questions as the real CAT. Moreover, like the Prometric mock test, the newer mock test is offered 100% free of charge. Unfortunately, the current official mock CAT is also like the Prometric test in another respect: there is no scoring or answer guide.

So where can you get reliable, official mock CAT tests online, with actual guides to the answers? Good question! We’ll look at that next.

Mock CAT Tests Online with Score Guides

One way to find high quality mock CAT tests online with answer keys is to look for PDFs of past CAT test papers. These are scanned-in versions of print CAT exams that have been completed and scored. A lot of CAT prep websites claim to have these. Proceed with caution, though. Many of the CAT papers you find online are fakes. Remember, the CAT went paperless in 2009. So if you see a PDF of a CAT paper dated 2009 or later, it probably either has an incorrect date or isn’t a real CAT. Other telltale signs of a fake CAT include website logos and URLs on the PDF pages.

So is there a better way to get a truly excellent mock CAT test that actually include answer guides? I’m happy to tell you that there is. Right here on the Magoosh blog, we’re rolling out mock CAT questions and sections, with answer key and answer explanations. Watch this space. Authentic, well-designed mock CAT tests with answer guides will be available online soon.

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