CAT Quantitative

Practice Probability for CAT

Probability questions make up an important part of the CAT Quantitative section. In this post you will see a number of practice problems modeled after actual CAT questions. Detailed solutions follow. Be careful though; some of these problems are very tricky! Probability Practice Problems Problem 1 Two fair twelve-sided dice are thrown. What is the […]

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Permutations and Combinations for CAT

Permutations and combinations are tools for counting things. They play a huge role in probability and other areas of discrete mathematics. And they are important for the Common Admissions Test (CAT)! In this review article, we’ll explore permutations and combinations and provide some practice using them. Permutations and combinations are just one small part of […]

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Practice Trigonometry for CAT

If you’re studying for the Common Admission Test (CAT), then you should know that trigonometry makes an appearance in the Quantitative section. This article will provide you a set of practice problems involving trigonometric concepts similar to those found on the CAT. Detailed solutions are given for you to check your work afterward. Short Review […]

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What are HCF and LCM?

Highest common factors and least common multiples (HCF and LCM) are important concepts to master for the CAT Quantitative section. They play a key role in reducing and combining fractions, factoring, and many other mathematics skills. This review article will help you to understand what you need to know about HCF and LCM for the […]

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CAT Interest Practice

On the Common Admissions Test (CAT), you will find numerous problems about money. This article will help you to understand how interest works. We will explain simple and compound interest, doubling time, and related topics that you’ll need to succeed on the CAT. Then you’ll have your chance to test your knowledge on an interest […]

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CAT Logarithm Practice

In this article, we’ll see the definition of logarithm, explore some of their useful properties, and then get some practice using them. By the end of this post, you’ll be much better prepared for those challenging CAT logarithm problems! What is a Logarithm? Logarithms are basically the “opposite” (or inverse) of exponentiation. The little “b” […]

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CAT Remainder Practice Problems

The Common Admissions Test (CAT) is unique in that it tests some areas of mathematics that other tests do not, such as remainders, modular arithmetic, and different number bases. In this article, you’ll learn what you need to know about CAT remainder problems. Then you’ll get your chance to practice on problems similar to those […]

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Area Formulas to Know for the CAT

What area formulas do you need to know for the CAT? After reading this article, you’ll know the basics of geometric area computations, including the most common formulas that show up on the test. Area Formulas for the CAT You will need to know the area formulas for each of the following basic shapes. Triangles […]

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Triangle Properties to Know for the CAT

Triangle properties are key in understanding geometric problems on the Common Admissions Test (CAT). This is because more complicated diagrams can often be reduced to triangles. After reading this post, you’ll get what you need to know about triangle properties in order to succeed on the CAT! Basic Triangle Properties Let’s review the basics. It […]

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