Where Can I Find Previous Years’ CAT Exam Papers?

where can i find previous years' cat exam papers

“Where can I find previous years’ CAT exam papers?” Easy! You can take a look both at Entrance Corner for PDFs of the test, and at Cracku to actually take the exams in a computer interface.

But before you go any further, let’s establish a couple of things. First of all, you’ll see that these exams all date from pre-2010. Why is that? Well, that’s when the CAT went paperless…so it’s super unlikely there are any screenshot-based PDFs from the computer-based tests that took place after 2010.

As you can see (even just from its big move to digital!), the CAT has changed extensively since 2010! In a lot of cases, there’s better practice you can do to make the most of your time.

Still, these tests do have their uses. Let’s take a quick overview of what’s changed before we see how you can maximize their use to you.

What’s Changed?

Oh so much has changed since before 2010. In terms of the CAT, this includes:

  • Question distribution
  • Section order—and the inclusion of the Data Interpretation & Logical Reading section
  • Question types—you rarely, if ever, see outright vocabulary and grammar questions on the more recent exams

…among other things.

How to Use Them

But this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use previous years’ CAT papers! They provide excellent examples of practice problems—just make sure you’re looking in the right section. (Or, in the case of older papers, that you’re not getting confused between Data Interpretation & Logical Reading problems and Quantitative Ability problems—another reason that these tests are not the best place to start your CAT studies!)

Don’t take them all in one go, because they won’t provide you with the CAT official exam experience. On the other hand, using discrete sections as drill sets can be a great way to hone your skills, particularly since you know that these problems are pretty darn test-like, unlike a lot of other materials floating around the Internet.

Where to Find More and Better Practice

On the other hand, pre-2010 CAT exam papers are not where you want to start your CAT preparation, and certainly not where you want to end it! One great thing you can do at the beginning of your prep is to take the official mock test (although it won’t be marked/graded) to familiarize yourself with the actual computer interface used on test day, the question types, and the tight timing in the different sections, as it currently (or most recently) is/was.

And the other place to find the best practice? Right here at Magoosh! As we continue to build out the blog, you’ll be able to find great problem sets for all different sections of the CAT, written to a test-like standard. What’s better, we not only provide answers to the problem sets, but we also provide explanations, so you can understand what you did right or wrong, and how to get similar questions right next time.

David has some excellent tips on how to distinguish real CAT papers from fake ones, as well as other places to find top-notch CAT practice, as well!

By the way, sign up for our 1 Week Free Trial to try out Magoosh GMAT Prep!

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