The Best Free CAT Study Material Online

The Best Free CAT Study Material Online

When it comes to test prep materials, free is good… if the free materials have good quality. Let’s look at the best free CAT study material online.

Free Mock CAT Tests Online

Practice tests are a very important part of your complete CAT prep. But can you really get free mock CAT exams on the Internet? Absolutely! In fact, there are even two completely free mock tests online from the IIM. The IIM is the official maker of the CAT exam, which is why the CAT is also sometimes called the IIM-CAT. The IIM’s official CAT tests are the highest quality practice tests out there, because they are the most similar to the real IIM-CAT exam. And they don’t cost a thing. For a full description of the IIM’s mock CAT tests, see my previous blog post, “Where to Find Free Mock CAT Tests Online.”

Finding a Good Free Syllabus for the CAT on the Web

The CAT Syllabus is also a very important piece of study material for the CAT. The syllabus helps you prepare for the exam by telling you the format of the test, the test dates, and the content you’ll be tested on.

Unfortunately, when it comes to the CAT syllabus, “official” is not an option. The IIM doesn’t release an official syllabus guide to the CAT. But there is some good news. If you research the content of recent CAT exams, it’s pretty easy to predict the syllabus for the next CAT. And now, some even better news: you don’t have to research the content of the CAT yourself. Magoosh has already done that for you. See my post on the CAT Exam Syllabus 2017.

Free CAT Content Tutorials Online

The mock CAT tests and the syllabus that I’ve linked above will give you a pretty good idea of the CAT’s content. You’ll need practice with certain kinds of reading skills, certain kinds of math skills, and specific skills related to Data Analysis and the use of logic.

You can find general tutorials for these skills on many different websites. Khan Academy can teach you any kind of CAT math that you need to learn. Magoosh’s tutorials on GMAT Reading Comprehension can also help you with the reading comprehension questions that dominate CAT Verbal. And educational websites can provide CAT-like passages for reading practice. (Try reading the New York Times, the Economist, Bloomberg, and Time, among others.) For DILR, you can look up logic questions on Google, and find graphs and charts to read for practice on Google Image search. Just remember to stick with materials that match the IIM’s mock CAT tests, in terms of difficulty.

Free CAT Practice Questions Online

Beyond the official mock CAT tests, the quality of free online CAT practice can vary a lot. Some online CAT questions are fantastic. Others are not very true to the exam at all, and don’t help you prepare. As you search for CAT practice on Google, YouTube, and other web portals, use the official CAT practice tests as your “gold standard.” Carefully compare third-party CAT prep to the real thing, and select unofficial resources that match up well to the IIM’s questions.

On this front, keep an eye on this blog. In the coming weeks, we’ll be rolling out our own free CAT practice questions, with answer explanations.

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