Student Spotlight: How the Vocabulary Builder App Helped My Rap Career

Meet Jeremy. He’s an aspiring rapper from Hot Springs, Arkansas who uses the Magoosh Vocabulary Builder app to improve his lyrics and rhymes. He’s here today to tell you how building his vocab has contributed to his passion for hip-hop — take it away, Jeremy!


My name is Jeremy Mitchell. I make and write Hip-Hop music to bring hope to my generation and leave a positive message. My rapper name is Jeremy 29:11. I produce and rap my music, and I work alone. What I rap in my lyrics may not be how I’m feeling today, but I usually write rhymes when I’m going through something. And the Magoosh Vocabulary Builder app has tremendously improved my lyrics by building my vocabulary, wordplay, metaphor usage, and how I use similes.

My story

I started to feel a passion for Hip-Hop music around April of this year. “I felt like this generation needs a positive message and hope, and that’s what I’m going to do,” I thought as I picked up a pen and a notebook pad. Working by myself on my music (producing, creating beats, featuring other artists) hasn’t stopped me pursuing my passion. I don’t have a lot of fans yet, but I ain’t doing this to get famous. I’m doing this to impact people’s lives. “It ain’t about how good you are, it’s how good you want to be” — and that is something that has kept me driven. In five months I have written more than 30 songs, and I am currently working on my first album that I plan to release October 15, 2015.

My opinion: Most teenagers in this generation are just another dying breed – thinking that the good life means rebelling and being rich. Most rappers actually promote and encourage stuff like this! However, I want to change that, and make an impact on the culture. I want people to be able to relate to it.

Vocabulary Builder and my rapping career

The Magoosh Vocab app has improved how immense my words are, because no one wants to hear, “The cat sat. It was fat. So it had to sit on a mat. That is a fact.” And no one wants to keep hearing the same words repeated over, and over, and over again. Hip-Hop music is too beautiful for a double number percentage done to it.

I want to share something that I wrote in one of my lyrics as an example. “There is no person to lessen all this lethargic stress on my chest. I do what the rest of us do, and leave it unexpressed. When I step in my session, I don’t censor my regrets. But I make sure they don’t make you beget. Call it a lesson.” It is very important as a rapper to keep your vocabulary strong, because it keeps your lyrics from staying on repeat. It also makes it more unique in my opinion.

I give the app five million stars outta five stars! The Vocabulary Builder app that the Magoosh team has made is very different than all the other vocab apps. It teaches you vocabulary like a pro.

My advice

To every rapper out there: Stay real, righteous, and relevant. Don’t do it just because everyone else is. Be yourself, because no one can be a cooler you, than you.


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