Infographic: A Shout-Out to Magoosh Students!

Infographic: A Shout-Out to Magoosh Students!

Maizie on May 18, 2015

Today, we want to give a big shout-out to all you Magoosh students around the world.

Why? Because well … 1) you’re all fantastic; and 2) you make us so happy and stoked that we want to return the favor by doing something for you!

What did we do? We made you a brand new, super fun infographic!

But it’s not just any infographic. No, this infographic is a tribute to your dedication, hard work, and all around awesomeness. It’s a celebration of your academic achievement and dreams! And we packed it with all kinds of fun facts about your extended Magoosh family.

Like what? Well, did you know you guys represent 185 countries all over the globe? Or that you’ve watched over 1 million hours of lesson videos and answered over 50 million practice questions. 50 million! (That’s some serious studying.)

Now, before I spoil all the surprises, go check out the infographic! Seriously, you’re going to learn some cool things about your fellow studiers around the world. Enjoy! 🙂