You really change lives with your work!

You really change lives with your work!

on March 24, 2015

Thanks to you and your wonderful GRE program, I just got accepted into the Harvard Kennedy School MPP program this year – an achievement which has been my dream for years!!!

I know for sure that it is only thanks to you and your wonderful team that I can share my success story:

In November 2012 I took the GRE for the first time and ended up getting 144 on the Quant section. Applying to the Harvard Kennedy School, the Quant section of the GRE is the deal-breaker: They will only consider candidates above 158.

After my first GRE test I felt I could never improve that much. I tried for over a year with the books from the Princeton review and the material from Manhattan Prep. But after a year of painful preparation I only got 146 – and was consequentially rejected again by Harvard and any other school.

When the rejection letters came in March 2014, I half-heartedly signed up for Magoosh to try for one last shot.

And then a miracle happened:

Soon after I started your lessons my prep tests improved rather significantly in the math section. I found learning math with you so easy and I also really enjoyed it. Your teachers are really on a student’s side, can answer any question and clear doubts on any subject.

What is more: Your program really helped me to become quicker and smarter about the questions, which made me so much more confident with the time limit, which helped calm me down generally during the test.

After 4 months of Magoosh training I took the fatal plunge and tried the GRE again: I scored a 153 in the Quant section and felt great!

Another 4 weeks later the real miracle happened: I scored a 158 in the Quant section!!!!

On the whole, Magoosh helped me to score 14 raw points more than when I started out! And that in only a few months time – something which almost two years of using other prep material has not achieved.

To me this is an amazing outcome, which I never thought I could achieve even in my wildest dreams!


All the best for the future, you really change lives with your work!