There is great customer care behind Magoosh.

There is great customer care behind Magoosh.

Maizie on June 10, 2015

I decided to pursue a MSc Degree in Computer Science about a year ago after completing two years of professional experience, mainly because I felt I had learned enough from my company and was ready to chase something bigger in my career, for which a higher level of education is a must.

I chose Magoosh for two reasons, the first being a personal recommendation from a former Professor of my university, who told me it was a really good online platform and that I should definitely try it out. The second reason struck after I saw the software platform itself, there were clearly lots of valuable resources to learn from, with a very friendly user interface and the price felt very fair and honest.

My experience with Magoosh was really good overall, it was flexible enough for me and the learning resources were all clear and easy to understand, the difficulty levels can match anyone willing to take the GRE. My favorite moment while studying has to be the feedback I received from the team when I had questions or suggestions, there is a great customer care behind Magoosh platform, I believe each of my needs were fully covered.

I have taken the GRE a second time now and my scores are stronger after using Magoosh for 3-4 months, I feel I’m ready take the GRE a third time in 4-5 months to pursue the high scores I desire and Magoosh will definitely be my learning tool once again for this quest.

My biggest goal is to create a technology that will improve any aspect of our world, maybe to ease our daily lives or to solve complex problems that affect us right now. My main motivation is to achieve something that may even seem magical to the common eye and that just works, something that is simple, yet very complex, and at the same time beautiful.