The lessons helped me build complete understanding.

The lessons helped me build complete understanding.

on March 24, 2015

(First of all kudos to the entire team! They are simply brilliant. If not how could a student from science background like me who have not seen math for 6 years could score a 158 in his first attempt. Not to forget, it was all done in just over a month.)

OK, coming to my story, I am from a science background and I just completed my bachelor’s in agriculture. When I was in my senior year, I realized that scope for research based education is very limited in India, so I had to look for a better option. And obviously the USA due to its strong research focused educational system, became my destination which could help me to realize my goals. Then I came to know about the mandatory exams GRE and TOEFL.

So I enrolled into a classroom course available in my city. It was expensive, but I decided to give it a try. I understood slowly that these people do not teach you math or English, they teach you how to tackle the test. They teach you effective strategies about tackling the test. This type of approach was not for me, I needed a holistic understanding about the test content. This is where Magoosh scores.

I have seen many reviews online and was following Magoosh blog regularly. Initially, I was a little skeptical about online studying. I subscribed for a free 7 day trial. The course content and user interface where so impressive that I readily bought its premium membership even before the trial period expired. The price point at which Magoosh offers their product is awesome. The math lessons from Mike were brilliant and those lessons helped me build complete understanding rather imparting abstract test-taking skills. Most important thing is that the practice questions they provide are a bit more difficult than the actual GRE. Trust me this boosts your confidence while looking at the actual GRE questions on the test day. And when it comes to the customer support, I can easily say these are the best people around. Any question or any help I needed I got it answered within 24 hours. I really owe my success to them.

After preparing for about 45 days I appeared for the test. The moment my score was displayed, I was simply elated. I cracked 310+ without breaking a sweat. Now I am confidently applying to the top programmes in my discipline and I am pretty confident about getting into one of them.

My goal is to become one of eminent plant scientists in our planet, devise new and innovative strategies in crop production and protection and play my role in feeding the world population. I am happy that I have chosen Magoosh to help me in taking my first step towards that goal.