My experience with Magoosh was outstanding.

My experience with Magoosh was outstanding.

Maizie on September 16, 2015

I was enrolled in a Master’s program for speech-language pathology for almost two semesters when I realized I was not passionate about the field. I knew I had to make a tough decision, and I ultimately decided to withdraw during spring 2015 semester. Before I decided to pursue speech-language pathology, I was drawn to physical therapy. I am a fitness enthusiast, and I ran my first marathon in February 2015. I started to observe physical therapists, and I soon discovered physical therapy was my true passion.

I had previously taken the GRE for speech-language pathology admissions, and I was actually accepted into a speech-language pathology Master’s program at the last minute off the waitlist. After withdrawing from the program I had some free time, so I thought I should try to improve my GRE score since physical therapy admissions are very competitive. I had read really good reviews about Magoosh, and I liked the idea of video lessons and the large number of practice questions. I decided to sign up for the one month subscription to give it a try.

My experience with Magoosh was outstanding. Every single topic tested on the GRE was covered by the lesson videos and practice questions. I especially liked the study plans. I followed the 30-day study plan, which ensured I completed everything in time for my test date.

I was beyond ecstatic when I first saw my GRE score! Both my verbal and quantitative scores were much higher than I expected and higher than Magoosh had predicted.

Now that I’ve achieved the score I need on the GRE, I am taking prerequisite classes that are required to apply to Doctor of Physical Therapy programs. I hope to finish these classes within a year and start a program in the fall of 2017.

I hope to become a physical therapist so I can help others with their ability to lead active lives. I aim to use my passion and commitment to a healthy, active lifestyle to help others recover and thrive.