I immediately knew that Magoosh was the way to success!

I immediately knew that Magoosh was the way to success!

Maizie on September 16, 2015

I always knew I wanted to further my education beyond undergraduate studies. Being a student brings me so much joy, and the thought of being able to keep studying, learning, and working towards my goals energizes me and propels me forward. I made the official decision during my sophomore year in college when I changed my major from chemistry to biochemistry and found a specific field of interest within biochemical studies that I truly became passionate about. Two years later, and only one semester left before I graduate, I know I have made the right choice!

I originally stumbled upon Magoosh through the Apple App Store while searching for GRE-related games. The Vocabulary Builder quickly became one of my favorite ways to study the GRE vocabulary, and soon after, I researched Magoosh a little further. Within minutes of being on the website, I signed up for Magoosh Premium for the GRE and started studying. Not only is the layout of Magoosh programs sleek and easy to use, it also makes learning the material for the GRE tolerable and actually somewhat fun.

My experience with Magoosh has been very engaging. I have found myself getting lost in the lesson videos and practice problems for hours without even noticing how much time has passed. I absolutely love that the Magoosh team interacts with its students, and had it not have been for a little message that popped up on my dashboard one day, I might not have ever looked at a single lesson video. Getting an encouraging email from someone the night before my exam also helped mitigate my fears for the actual GRE.

After studying with Magoosh for about 2 weeks, I took a practice test through ETS. My quantitative reasoning score had shot up 8 points and my verbal had improved by a few points, as well. It was shocking and pleasantly surprising to see those scores, and I immediately knew that Magoosh was the way to success!

Today, I am a senior at Arizona State University studying biochemistry. I graduate in December 2015, and after that, I will be attending graduate school to pursue a PhD in Biochemistry, with an emphasis on organic chemistry and photosynthesis. In addition to being a student, I am also a research assistant at The Biodesign Institute and a tutor at a company called Student-Tutor. I will be taking my GRE for the second time in September and the biochemistry GRE subject test in October. Wish me luck!

My biggest goal for the future is to obtain a PhD in Biochemistry and become a professor at a university. Because I love academia, it seems fitting to pursue a career in the academic realm. I believe I will make an impact on the world through my research and through my teachings to other people. Teachers can be some of the most impactful people we encounter in our lives, and I hope to inspire others with my work and with both my successes and failures.