When I saw my score, I was so happy I wanted to cry!

When I saw my score, I was so happy I wanted to cry!

on March 24, 2015

I decided to further my education when I picked physical therapy as my future career path. To become a PT you have to get your doctorate, which means three additional years of school after undergrad.

Prior to Magoosh I used another company that only offered teachings through a book. I had to read the lessons on my own and then complete a bunch of practice sets on my own. I took the GRE after doing this and did not get the scores I needed, so I turned to Magoosh. They offered multiple teaching and practice tools and they were way more affordable than most other options. The videos were what really made a difference for me because I learn best when I have a teacher who explains the lessons to me. The videos were interactive and made it more like a classroom setting, which enhanced the learning experience.

When I saw my new score I was so happy I wanted to cry! I only had a month to study and I was nervous that I would not receive the scores I needed. Once I saw that my scores were higher than what I needed I was so happy and relieved!

My overall experience with Magoosh was excellent. It is the best test preparation company that I have used so far. In addition to the videos, whenever I had a question with one of the practice problems I could send an email in with a question and would receive an answer and explanation right away. That was one of my favorite parts about interacting with the Magoosh team. It seemed like the staff was always there to support me.

I just got accepted into two different programs for physical therapy! In August I will be moving to Portland, Oregon to start the doctorate program at the Pacific University of Oregon. Magoosh played a major role in this! For my application to be considered for an interview I needed to score a 150 in verbal/math. With the help of Magoosh I was able to score higher than a 150 in both sections.

Right now, my biggest goal is to pass graduate school. By the end of the three years of my education I want to leave as a well-educated, effective, and evidence based physical therapist. I believe that the biggest way I will have an impact is through my practice as a physical therapist. Another one of my goals for the future is to provide international healthcare in areas where physical therapy is needed, but not often available.