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A Poem: How Student Feedback Built Our New App

We released a brand new app today and guess what … we couldn’t be more stoked! (Well, maybe if you threw a brand new puppy in there too — there’s always room for more stoke.) But nevertheless, we’ve got a new app called the GRE Vocabulary Builder App and we can’t wait for you to try it!


GRE Builder App


In the meantime, here’s some exclusive insider info about what went on behind the scenes while building it.

It all began with some student feedback we got on our free GRE flashcard app. Students were flipping the flashcards all over the world and the 5-star app store ratings were pouring in, but — no, you know what? I think I can better explain it in poem form. Here goes:


There once was a company

Called Magoosh.

They released a new app,

And boy, was it smooth.


The students flipped cards

All over the world.

In busses, in airplanes,

Rejoices were hurled!


“We love learning vocab!”

The students declared.

“The GRE is ours!”

With confidence and flair.


But something was missing,

The Magoosh staff they said.

The app needed something,

They scratched at their heads.


They brainstormed and brainstormed,

To no avail.

What was the answer?

How could they tell?!


They turned to their friends:

Loyal students at hand.

“Help us create

The greatest app in the land!”


“Quizzes!” They said,

Without hesitation.

“An app to quiz our knowledge

Of this vocab education!”


Magoosh toiled and troubled

Long nights in the office.

But eventually they nailed it –

An app almost flawless!


So there on that day

The Builder app was born,

To please all the students

And make test prep less forlorn.


And that’s how the GRE Vocab Builder App came to be! But that’s not the only app we built using student feedback. You can read all about our production process here to see how students impact our everyday work!

And if you’d like a less poetic explanation of the new app, check out our GRE blog here: here and tell your friends! 🙂


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