Amrita Kulkarni

Meet a Magoosher: Rita


We have a new addition to our Magoosh family! Meet Rita, our new Inbound Marketer! 🙂



Hey there Rita! 🙂 What is one of your favorite hobbies?

I’m not sure how strange this is, but I love to bake. I think I was born with a 6th baking sense … I rarely follow a recipe and never believe my kitchen timer, but my culinary experiments tend to be very successful. I love to collect recipes, try new ingredients, and then share (and eat) the end product. I really should have been a pastry chef, but I could never get up that early.


If you could time travel, what time period would you go to?

Ok, two answers:


1. 1775 -1789 Paris. I’d walk the grounds of Versailles, gossip with the nobility, check out Marie Antoinette’s closet (try on some awesome wigs), and then get back to 2013 for a hot shower before the Revolution and all the guillotine business begins.



2. I’d want to see what my parents and grandparents were like at my age. I wonder how similar our lives are!
What’s something funny you tell your friends about Magoosh?
I’ve been trying to explain the culture of riddles and word games … but I’m still learning the rules myself.


What board game could you not live without?


I could literally live without all board games.


But! I’m always up for a rousing game of Celebrity. The way I play, people submit the name of any person or character (alive, dead, fictional – it’s all good), and put the names in a hat. Then, everyone divides into two teams. In the first round, the player giving the clues draws a name and describes the person with words, but without using his/her name. In the second round, the player must draw clues, like in Pictionary. And in the final round, the player must use charades to give clues. Definitely a good time, and a great way to be totally ridiculous.
What’s the craziest thing you’ve done?


I’m way too boring to do crazy things. That said, in high school, I jumped off the roof of a two story house into a swimming pool. And another time, while studying French immigration politics in Paris, I took an overnight train to Munich to attend Oktoberfest, and then took an overnight train back and took a 7am oral final exam. Which I aced! In French!


Join us next time for an interview with one of our awesome Support Tutors, Kevin Rocci!!!


  • Amrita Kulkarni

    Amrita is our Director of People Operations and works to recruit Magooshers and keep them happy when they are here. She enriches our community through her efforts on retention and engagement, compensation and benefits, and more. Amrita brings her talents in scaling people-related processes to help facilitate our rapid growth at Magoosh. She attributes part of her management prowess to her alumna, UC Berkeley, where she earned a Bachelor of Arts in Political Economy. When she’s not solving human-oriented problems at Magoosh or sharing her love of education with others, Amrita seizes every opportunity to travel or indulge in her latest read. She also enjoys getting lost on road trips, munching on fish tacos and exploring the natural hidden wonders of America at state parks. An adventurer at heart, Amrita can proudly say she has skydived twice and jumped off of a hotel in Berlin — with a wire attached, of course.