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Meet a Magoosher: Lena F


Today, we’re talking with Lena F. (We add the “F” because her last name is Felton. Also, we have two Lenas in the office – they don’t look anything alike, but we need some way to tell them apart over email.) This particular Lena is our new Community and Social Media intern, and one of our resident SAT experts. That means she helps keep us hip to some student trends that manage to slip under our radar (we feel old sometimes).

Originally from the Marin County, Lena is a sophomore at Harvard, where she’s studying English. Writing and photography are her greatest passions, and she’s involved in journalism at school. In her free time, Lena explores cities, discovers new music, and eats at as many hip restaurants as possible.

Now, a Q&A with Lena:

Q: So Lena, since it’s Monday, how was your weekend?

A: It was great! One of my best friends from college was in the area for a conference, so she spent Saturday with me. We went to Sonoma and picnicked on a vineyard, and later she was able to meet a bunch of my high school friends. So cool to have my worlds collide!


Q: That sounds fantastic! And speaking of worlds colliding, what if the human world and the animal world were to collide? For example, let’s say, if you had an animal sidekick or something great like that – what animal would you choose?

A: I’ve been told my spirit animal is a koala. I did some more research on koalas and found out that they can actually be pretty vicious – who knew? Anyways, I think that a mix of cute and feisty would make a pretty good sidekick.


Q: Vicious koalas? That’s terrifying, but also awesome. Now picture you and this koala sidekick are late to work one day and you need a superpower to get you there, what power do you pick?

A: I’d love to stop time and/or fly. I’d stop time to prolong all those amazing moments that pass us by too quickly and fly because it’d make my commute from Marin to Berkeley much more exciting (and less traffic-y!) every morning.


Q: Flying side-by-side with a vicious koala. Sounds like an improvement to any commute. Now, let’s say you somehow got lost on that commute and ended up stranded on a desert island – apparently, you made just a few wrong turns – what celebrity would you choose to be stranded with and why?

A: Bear Grylls from Man vs. Wild, because I’m pretty pragmatic. I’d prefer to survive on said desert island.


Q: Nice choice. That Bear Grylls definitely knows his stuff and would probably get you rescued pretty quickly – maybe you’d even make it to work on time, afterall. Thanks, Bear! All right, but now, If you had to watch one movie on repeat for the rest of your life, what would it be?

A: Oh, boy. Watching any movie on repeat for the rest of my life doesn’t sound super appealing. But if I had to choose, I’d go with Garden State. The soundtrack is just so good.


Q: Hey, great movie taste! No wonder you work here. By the way, what’s your favorite part about working at Magoosh?

A: The absolute best thing about Magoosh is the people. Everyone is brilliant and witty, willing to help out and teach me things, and incredibly sweet! It makes for an awesome atmosphere in the office. But I have to say, our Trader Joe’s snack tower is a close second. From roasted almonds to ginger chews, we’ve got the best TJ’s has to offer. (And it’s just feet from my desk!)


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