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There are all kinds of ways to stay connected to the Magoosh community online. With the click of a “follow” button you can get updates on our team and all our test prep news, hear from and talk to your fellow students, get test prep advice, see insider Magoosh pics, and so much more.

Here are all the ways you can follow us, tweet @ us, and interact with us on the interweb!



Do you want SAT updates? GRE or GMAT? Maybe just general news about our company? Don’t worry, we’ve got it all!

@Magoosh: Follow for team and blog updates, edtech news, student shout-outs, and test prep advice!

@MagooshGRE: Follow for info about study schedules, useful infographics and videos, and tons of GRE advice you’ll need for test day.

@MagooshGMAT: Follow for GMAT tips and tricks, b-school info, study guides, and for learning how to rock the GMAT.

@MagooshTOEFL: Follow for pointers about speaking English, TOEFL blog updates, and tips on how to prep effectively.

@MagooshSAT_ACT: Follow for college admissions info and guides for high school survival, tips for acing the SAT and ACT, and for awesome videos.



Just like our Twitter, we have multiple Facebook pages tailored to your needs and interests!

Magoosh Company Page: “Like” if you want to fill your News Feed with awesome Magoosh blog updates and news. Never miss any contest, eBook, deal, or promotion. (Also, feel free to write us a note on our wall — we love writing back!)

Magoosh GMAT: “Like” if you’re prepping for the GMAT and want to see useful articles about b-school admissions and rankings, and of course about boosting your GMAT score!

Magoosh SAT & ACT: “Like” to get encouragement and advice for the SAT and ACT. We know it’s stressful! So we throw in a few things to make you laugh, too.

Magoosh TOEFL: “Like” if you want all kinds of tips on how to ace the TOEFL from our resident TOEFL expert, Lucas. This page is full of helpful and fun videos to help you master the TOEFL and the English language!



Magoosh Company Page: Interested to learn more about the Magoosh mission and how it runs as a startup? This is the place to do it! Follow us for company updates and articles from our CEO, Bhavin!



@magooshers: We have a tendency to get a little goofy at times. This is where you can get a behind-the-scenes look at all our office and team event shenanigans.

@magooshgre: Follow this one for fun ways to learn GRE vocabulary, math jokes, and more!



Magoosh Team: Meet the members of our team in video interviews and learn why we do what we do (and why we love doing it)!

MagooshGRE: Subscribe to this channel to learn vocab with Chris Lele every Wednesday and to see video explanations for important sections of the GRE.

MagooshGMAT: Haven’t seen one of Kevin’s GMAT Tuesday videos before? You’re definitely missing out. (Here’s my favorite one. Spoiler alert: he’s inside the box.) Subscribe to watch Kevin do crazy things and teach you valuable lessons all at the same time!

MagooshTOEFL:  On this channel, our TOEFL expert Lucas walk you through everything you need to know for the test, from improving your English reading skills to teaching you the best ways to study grammar.

MagooshSAT: Hey look, it’s Chris Lele again! But this time he’s teaching SAT vocab. This channel will help you along your SAT prep journey with Vocab Monday videos, test tips, and more!

MagooshACT: This is one of our newer channels! On this one, you’ll learn from our ACT expert Kristin Keating about how to pace yourself on the exam and ace each section.


So reach out, follow us, Tweet us, and join our virtual Magoosh family today! We can’t wait to hear from you!


  • Maizie Simpson

    Maizie writes about Magoosh and gets others to talk about Magoosh. A graduate of the University of Arizona (Bear Down!) with a BA in Journalism, she loves nuanced grammar rules, learning strange languages, and traveling to new places. She has an unnatural obsession with Middle Eastern politics and Mexican food.

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