Where to Find Free Bar Exam Flashcards

Where to Find Free Bar Exam Flashcards

In How to Make Your Own MBE Flashcards and How Bar Exam Flashcards Can Help You Pass, I discussed the value of flashcards as a tool to help with Bar Exam preparation. But there is a logical follow up question to the ideas therein presented.

Is there anywhere that I can go to get free Bar Exam flashcards?

In an effort to answer this question, I went on a hunt. What I came up with was that there are a number of Bar Exam flashcard sets available. However, like most Bar Prep materials, they cost money. By now, I’m sure you all realize that everything that has to do with becoming a lawyer costs money. Typically – lots of money.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t stop with the Bar Exam. Just as a heads-up, the outward money flow does not stop once you get that Bar Card. The number of companies that market their wares as necessary tools to properly operate as an attorney is seemingly infinite. There have been many times since law school that I have wondered if I’m on the wrong side of the aisle! Selling things to attorneys seems to be quite a lucrative endeavor. However…I digress.

So if you are willing and able to shell out money for flashcards, you have many choices. But are there any that are available free?! Well – the answer to that is yes – but the quality is debatable. I have found three sources that appear to offer decent, free Bar Review flashcards.

Free Bar Exam Flashcards: cram.com

First are the cards that are online at cram.com. I took a look at these, and they are not terribly comprehensive. They may come in handy towards the end of Bar Prep, once you’ve memorized a good deal of information. But they are very scaled back, and I would not have found them particularly useful. However, everyone has different tastes, so why not take a look and see if you like them?

Free Bar Exam Flashcards: MBE Flashcards

I also found a free app on Google that is called MBE Flashcards. This app is for android users and the overall rating by consumers is a 4.4 out of 5. Not too bad. Some reviewers could not sing praises for this app loudly enough, while others said that the app worked great for awhile and then began to freeze up. Maybe worth a try if you just want to try out flashcards as a means of learning on the go.

Free Bar Exam Flashcards: Quizlet

Lastly, I’d like to recommend Quizlet. This app has been around for a while. I remember using it a decade ago to help make my own cards! While the primary function of Quizlet is to assist you in creating your own digital flashcards, they have a useful function that allows users to share what they create. In other words, if I take the time to create an extensive Bar Exam review flashcard set, I can choose to make it available to anyone who joins Quizlet!

In fact, the link that is provided above is for one specific set of Bar Review flashcards that someone created. There are others, so feel free to search the site. Check it out. You may be surprised at what you find.

Either way you choose to go – flashcards can be quite useful. Good luck, and happy studying!

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