How Bar Exam Flashcards Can Help You Pass

You may have already purchased your Bar prep materials. You likely came home one day and saw a big ol’ box on your doorstep. Maybe you didn’t know what it was, but when you opened it, your heart sank. It was a big, heavy box full of your Bar prep materials. Books, outlines, test questions booklets … the list goes on.

As you perused these items, you may have looked at the sheer volume of material and thought, “Oh my God, I’m never going to pass this test.”

It can be, in fact almost always is, overwhelming.

But you’ve always known that the inevitable end of your law school career would include pouring over all of these unbelievably heavy books, and/or their online counterparts. It’s a rite-of-passage. We all must go through it in order to practice law. So you dutifully begin the study period, hoping somewhere deep down that it all absorbs through your skin somehow – because you know of no other way to memorize this much material in a couple of months!

Why On Earth Should I Use Flashcards?

With all of these materials, what in the world do you need with flashcards? You already have books, outlines, question & answers books, and the like. Why flashcards?
bar exam flashcards
Well, the answer depends on you. Everyone has different methods of memorization. Some like flashcards. I am one such person. I enjoy having a basic concept isolated, spelled out, and quizzed all in one succinct place. It’s visual, and I’m a visual learner.

Can I Pass Without Flashcards?

Of course you can! But again, depending on your learning style – flashcards can be of great assistance in memorization – which is at the heart of passing the Bar Exam.

You can certainly rely on your outlines if you like. I, however, loved using my flashcards. Especially at night when I’d been studying all day and I was TIRED. I’d take a nice break, and then top the day off with whizzing through a bunch of flashcards. This not only helped me to reinforce whatever area of law I’d studied that day, it gave me a great sense of accomplishment knowing that I’d just aced a bunch of flashcards. It was a barometer of how much was actually sinking in, and usually ended with me feeling like I’d really made progress that day.


You can’t take your Bar Prep materials with you wherever you go. Even the outlines are bar exam flashcardsbulky. But you can take a set of flashcards with you whenever you have to leave the house. This can turn waiting in line at the grocery store, the bank, and the Dr.’s office all into active learning times.

In fact, many Bar Exam flashcards come with apps that make them as portable as your phone! So it’s something to consider.

Can I Make My Own, Or Should I Buy Them?

I am a firm believer that making your own cards will go a long way in helping you to remember what you’re studying. However – it takes a good deal of time! So as I said in How to Make Your Own MBE Flashcards, if you begin Bar prep early, go ahead and make your own if you think it will help you. But if you’re pressed for time there are some very good options out there. Simply do a quick Google search, and you’re sure to find flashcards that appeal to you.

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