Bar Study Schedule: Two Weeks Before Test Day

You’ve been studying all summer. You’ve dutifully followed your bar study schedule. Now, it’s two weeks before test day. The final countdown.

Some or most of you, are now in a panic. All you can think about is what you DON’T know, and how there is no more time to learn it.

However, now is not the time for meltdowns. Now is the time to focus on final stage preparation. If you are panicking, see Passing the Bar Exam: How to Harness Your Mind to Succeed, and Bar Exam Anxiety: Expect It, Prepare for It!.

Stay in the Game

Get your head together, and get back in the game. Here’s some final tips for making the best use of these last two weeks.

1. With the study time you have left, do two things equally.

  • Memorize
  • Practice

You must continue by splitting your time up this way. Don’t do one to the exclusion of the other. Both are incredibly important.

Test taking skills are critical in order to pass the Bar. Practice is how you keep your test taking skills sharp. You need this now. You don’t want to lose ground here in the final stretch. So 50% of your time should be spent practicing. And practice it ALL.

Let me repeat that. PRACTICE IT ALL.

The other half of the time, memorize. Now let me clarify. Do not start memorizing new stuff. Stick to the outlines you have been using and memorizing, and memorize more! Repetition pays off here. Get it as down pat as you can so that recall is easier during the exam.

2. Write out full essays and MPT assignments.

So many people skip this step. They simply issue spot and consider it done.

Don’t skip this step.

While the MBE is important, you can really pick up some critical points if you write great essays, and complete the MPT with precision.

Remember what is important on these two portions of the exam. Yes, you must issue spot. But after that is done, you need to show that you have a good grasp of the law that pertains to the issues. This applies to both the MEE and MPT.

Write out the pertinent law in as much detail as you can remember.
Then, apply the facts.
bar study schedule, practice, writing it all out
If you write out the law, you pick up points. If you apply the facts to the law, you pick up many more points. Don’t short-circuit this process. Dive in! Show off! Show what you know. Don’t waste this chance to really add points to your score.

To do this well, you must practice writing it all out. Add this to your Bar study schedule. It is NOT a waste of time. You want to be skilled in doing this within the allotted time by test day.
3. Take timed MBE exams

This is a part of practice, just like writing out full MEE and MPT answers. You must be skilled at both answering correctly, and doing it within the allotted time. Start small. Try doing 33 questions in an hour. Then go to 66 questions in two hours etc, until you work up to an entire 6 hour day.

Walk into exam day knowing you’ve got this. You’ve done it many times before, under timed conditions. You will be able to do it now.

4. Don’t worry about what you don’t know.

If you have been diligently studying and sticking to your bar exam study schedule, you will know a great deal by now. It may not feel like that. It may be that all you can think about it what you don’t know! We all feel that way. It’s OK, but it’s a lie.

You know a lot. Trust it.

You can pass the bar on what you know by now. If you’ve never understood something, do not dwell on it now. Don’t try to learn new stuff. Don’t try to switch outlines now! Just stick to what you’ve learned.

It’s better to focus on your strengths! Build them up. Perfect your strengths. What you know should be enough to pass, so simply drill memorization of what you already know.

5. Put yourself on a test day schedule

bar study schedule, clock During these last two weeks, get yourself on a test day schedule. That means getting to sleep early. Waking up at the same time you will have to wake up on test day.

Study during the hours that the test will be administered! Take the same lunch break, and then get back to it.

You must get yourself in game day mode. If you’ve been studying until midnight, this is especially critical! You can’t do well if you are exhausted on test day.
6. Pick out your theme song(s)!

For any of you old enough to remember Allie McBeal, you know what I’m talking about here!

During test days there will be times that you are surrounded by fellow test takers. These people are all just as nervous, and anxious as you…or worse. They love to talk. For some of them, I swear they babble as a means of deflecting anxiety.


They are toxic. Their anxiety will infect everyone around them who can not get the hell away from them. So make sure that you can get away! The best way I know to do this is to have your phone loaded with a playlist that inspires you, and have your headset ready.

No, I’m not joking here. I mean every word. If you are type that needs to be calmed, load some calming music. If you want inspiration, load some kick-ass tunes that speak to your heart and aspirations, and inspire you to conquer all! Whatever you need during test days, load it on your phone!!!

bar exam schedule, drown out chatter

For my exam, I loaded just a few songs. They were of the kick-ass variety. “I Will Not Be Moved” by Natalie Grant was my theme song. I listened to it the most. It was both spiritual and kick-ass. For me, that was perfect.

I needed something that not only helped me to completely block out the whiners and know-it-alls, but to inspire me to ACTION. These were my FIGHT SONGS. And they worked like a charm.

To this day, when I hear that song it brings me right back to the bar exam. I remember myself curled up in a corner, re-energizing for the next section, and I feel empowered.

Do yourself a favor, and get a theme song.

7. Let your brain rest the day before the exam

You may be still panicking, but give your brain a rest the day before test day. Let all the information you’ve been studying have a chance to settle into your brain. Relax.

You’ve got this.

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