4 Bar Exam Study Materials You Can’t Live Without

Studying for the bar exam is an incredibly challenging task. But with the four bar exam study materials outlined here, your studying will be efficient and effective. Read on to learn what materials will ensure you use every minute of your study time well!

1. Bar exam prep book

A bar exam prep book is critical to your success on the bar exam. A solid bar exam prep book will provide an overview of the legal topics tested on the bar, how these topics will be tested, and practice problems and essay prompts for you to use for practice.

If you sign up for a course, all the bar exam prep books you need will be provided to you. If you’re studying on your own, you’ll need to select the best prep books for you and buy them early. If you’re taking the UBE, be sure to get a prep book that covers all three sections of the bar exam or a separate prep book for each section of the exam. A solid prep book will be your guide (and your closest friend!) over the next few months of studying. So choose wisely.

2. Bar exam practice questions

Along with your trusty companion, the bar exam prep book, you’re going to need a lot of practice questions to help you test your knowledge and learn the structure and format of the three UBE sections.

One of the best places to find practice UBE questions is actually the National Conference of Bar Examiners (NCBE). The NCBE has a study aids store where you can purchase testing materials and review sample answers to MEE and MPT questions. Who better to learn from than the test makers themselves?

3. Flashcards

I know I said the prep book was going to be your best friend while studying for the bar, but it’s going to have a little competition from your flashcards. Whether you make your own or purchase flashcards, you will review them almost every day for the next few months. Be sure to find the format that works best for you.

Flashcards will help you memorize the immense amount of law required to pass the bar exam. I’d recommend finding a willing friend who can go through your flashcards with you—they can help keep you alert and break up the monotony of hours and hours of bar study!

So, what else could you possibly need beyond a prep book, practice questions, and flashcards?

4. A way to relax

You’re going to need a way to relax. A key part of your ability to study for hours and hours every day for months is going to be minimizing your stress. You will not pass the bar if you don’t find a way to unwind during your studying. The work is intense and stressful—decide early on how you will unwind and you will do just fine on the bar exam.

And no judgment on whatever way you choose to unwind. You’ll find that a great conversation starter will be asking lawyers how they survived studying for the bar. There are a lot of folks who made it through with some pretty funny techniques and a lot of bad TV.

Bar Exam Study Materials: Recap

The bar exam study materials that you can’t live without are a prep book, practice questions, flashcards, and a way to relax. With these four bar exam study materials, and dedication and determination, you’ll be successful in your bar exam prep. Good luck!

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