Bar Exam Schedule: What to Expect from Test Day

The bar exam looms ahead of you. You’ve started studying with all the outlines and flashcards you can get your hands on, and now you’re wondering…what is the bar exam schedule for the days of the exam? Lucky you, we’ve broken down the bar exam schedule for you here.

First, one quick question…

Which Bar Exam are you taking?

If you’re taking the Uniform Bar Exam (UBE), then your bar exam schedule will follow the one outlined below. If not, your state’s bar exam schedule will be a bit different. For example, the Texas bar exam lasts for three days instead of two.

You’re probably feeling pretty good right now if you’re not taking the Texas bar exam. If you’re not sure if your state administers the UBE, review the UBE jurisdictions and see. Also, more states continue to switch to the UBE, so check with your particular state and see if they have plans to move to the UBE at some point in the future.

So, if you’re taking the UBE, your bar exam schedule is going to go something like this…

Bar Exam Schedule Day 1: MEE and MPT

On Day 1 of the UBE, you’ll complete both the Multistate Essay Exam and the Multistate Performance Test sections of the UBE. This means you’re looking at about 6 hours of testing—three hours of essays and three hours performing lawyerly tasks. Sounds pretty fun, right? With loads of practice and solid bar study tips, it’ll fly by!

Make sure you only bring the permitted items for the MEE and MPT on Day 1: Mechanical pencils, pens, highlighters, and laptops for those who registered to test by laptop. (Be sure to review your jurisdiction’s list of prohibited items as these do differ by state.) If you’re planning to use a laptop to take your exam, make sure to download the required software and complete all of your practice with the same laptop.

Bar Exam Schedule Day 2: MBE

Alright, you’re halfway there! Day 2 of the uniform bar exam schedule consists entirely of the Multistate Bar Exam—six hours of multiple choice questions!

You’ll complete 100 questions in the morning and 100 questions in the afternoon after a lunch break. The MBE day is a very intensive day, so be sure you have ways to manage your stress, and a plan for lunch to keep up your stamina in the afternoon.

Pro tip: Do not let the actual MBE be the first time you face down and complete 200 multiple choice questions in one day. Incorporate full-length MBE practice into your study plan so you’re familiar with answering multiple choice questions over five hours. Definitely not an easy task!


The uniform bar exam schedule consists of two grueling days of essays and multiple choice questions. This schedule demands a lot of preparation and planning ahead, so it’s great that you’re already looking ahead to minimize any surprises during the bar exam!

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