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Miller Analogies Test Score Percentiles

After taking the Miller Analogies Test, you will be provided with two percentile ranks: one comparing you to all test-takers and another that compares you to students in your same major (they tend to be close). MAT score percentiles can be used to compare yourself to thousands of other test takers from around the country, and students like to know what to aim for early on.

Unfortunately, Pearson—the maker of the MAT—has not released a broken down chart of Miller Analogies Test score percentiles. Some test makers can be positively stingy with such useful information. But we can still use several official sources to get a rough idea.

According to the Official MAT Scoring booklet, the average score on the MAT is 400. Thus, 400 represents the 50th percentile. From the examples given in the booklet, a score of 410 represents the 70th percentile. Lastly, looking at information from high IQ societies (Mensa, Intertel, etc.), a score of about 430 corresponds to around the 95th percentile, and a score of 450 corresponds to about the 99th percentile.

Remember, these are rough estimates based off official information. For improved accuracy, we might stick to ranges:

  • 400-404 = 50th percentile
  • 405-409 = 60th percentile
  • 410-415 = 70th percentile
  • 416-420 = 80th percentile
  • 421-425 = 90th percentile
  • 430-440 = 95th percentile
  • 450-600 = 99th percentile

There you have it! Estimated score percentiles for the Miller Analogies Test.

Being an IQ test, scoring in the 90th percentile or higher is much rarer than on other standardized tests. Students should focus on scoring in the 70th and 80th percentiles. This will probably be sufficient for most schools and definitely attainable with strategic studying!

About Bertrand

Bertrand is a remote tutor and a MAT blogger for Magoosh. He received a B.A. from Fairleigh Dickinson University and studied education theory at Rutgers Graduate School of Education. He has been studying and working in education since 2010. Born and raised in New Jersey, he now resides in Philadelphia. When he isn’t helping students study or writing blogs for Magoosh, he spends his time practicing mixed martial arts and reading as much as his schedule permits.

4 Responses to “Miller Analogies Test Score Percentiles”

  1. I had an unofficial scaled score of 371. I was wondering what percentile I may be put in?

    • Magoosh Test Prep Expert Magoosh Test Prep Expert says:

      Hi Justin 🙂

      As we mention in the article, Pearson, the maker of the MAT, hasn’t published a chart converting scaled scores to percentiles. When you get your official score report, you’ll be provided with the percentile associated with your score. In the meantime, based on the idea that the 50th percentile is 400, a score lower that 400 will be < 50th percentile. According to Wikipedia’s article on the MAT, the standard deviation of the exam is around 25 points and the percentiles are based off of a normal curve. So, a score of 371 is a little more than 1 SD from the 50th percentile, corresponding to around a little less than the 16th percentile.

      Again, this is an estimate based on the information available. You’ll see your actual percentile ranking when you receive your official score report.

      Hope this helps 🙂

  2. Jennifer says:

    How about a scaled score of 397?

    • Magoosh Test Prep Expert Magoosh Test Prep Expert says:

      Hi Jennifer 🙂

      A scaled score of 397 would put you slightly below the 50th percentile (400), so an estimated percentile for 397 would be about 45-50th percentile. Again, this is a rough estimate based and we can’t guarantee that your official percentile is within this exact range. That said, I hope this helps at least a little!

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