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Archive | Grammar

GMAT Tuesdays: Must Know Idioms #9

Hello! It’s Tuesday again, and today Kevin dives into more Idioms. In this weeks video, he covers idioms involving the words suggested, consistent, chance, and reluctant. Do you know how to use these words correctly and what prepositions to pair with them? If not, you’ll know in the next few minutes. 😀 Here’s a close-up […]

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GMAT Sentence Correction Workout: The Summative Modifier

Example: If medical researchers are correct, then the human microbiome, made up of the microorganisms in our body, may hold the cure to diseases that have long plagued humanity, amounting to a major oversight in Western medicine that has, until recently, all but ignored any such role of the microbiome. (A) humanity, amounting to a […]

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GMAT Tuesdays with Kevin: Participles and their Role with Verbs

Hello! Meet my friend Ocky and get up to speed on participles! This week’s video is an addition to the previous video on participles, so I hope this helps answer more questions you might have about the topic. And if you’d like to learn even more, be sure to read this post for more details. […]

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GMAT Tuesday with Kevin: Sentence Correction – Double Negatives

Hello! First, try saying “I ain’t never done nothing to nobody, and I ain’t never got nothing from nobody no time” three times fast! Now, while double negatives like that are so much fun to say, you’ll need to avoid them on the GMAT. So in this week’s video, learn how to identify and respond […]

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Double Negatives Aren’t Correct

After answering a question on GMAT Club, I realized that one type of error is not on every student’s radar. Many students are attuned to parallelism and are vigilant about eradicating modification errors. Same goes for the more typical grammar errors—students know about subject-verb agreement and pronoun-antecedent agreement. But double negatives have floated below the […]

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More on Diction

Diction is one of the eight major areas of GMAT Sentence Correction.  Here are six new questions to practice on this topic. 1) The team of research scientists will not know whether the procedure for reversing damage to individual genes was successful if the scientists do not get access to the advanced optical technology at the […]

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Nested Grammatical Structures on the GMAT Sentence Correction

First, three challenging GMAT Sentence Correction practice problems. 1) Cosimo de’ Medici, a great patron of the arts, sponsoring two of  Donatello’s most famous works, statues of David and Judith, while supporting Brunelleschi to complete the dome of the cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore, which is known to be “Duomo.”  (A) Cosimo de’ Medici, […]

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Logical Splits in GMAT Sentence Correction

1) Even-toed ungulates, including pigs, cattle, goats, and sheep, and odd-toed ungulates, such as horses and donkeys, account for all the mammals domesticated for agricultural purposes. (A) including pigs, cattle, goats, and sheep, and odd-toed ungulates, such as horses and donkeys, account for (B) including pigs, cattle, goats, and sheep, and odd-toed ungulates, including horses […]

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GMAT Tuesdays with Kevin: Sentence Correction — “to lie” vs. “to lay”

Hello! This week, another Magoosher right here at the office is asking a very important question: what is the difference between “to lie” and “to lay”? If you’re aiming for a high 700+ score on the GMAT, you’ll need to be able to answer this question and distinguish between these two tricky verbs. As always, […]

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