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GMAT Tuesdays: Active Reading Strategies for the GMAT

Hello! Today, we’re diving further into active reading to learn exactly how to spot the main idea in a reading comprehension passage. Here’s an image of this week’s board work: Let me know if you have any questions by leaving a comment in the comment box below!  

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GMAT Reading Practice: What to Read

Undeniably, the best way to expand vocabulary and knowledge is by reading. We can’t rely on the conversations we have and we can’t rely on vocabulary word lists. So if you are looking to boost your verbal score, don’t just use practice problems. Expand your practice and studying to high quality news articles from trusted […]

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GMAT Tuesdays with Kevin: Reading Comprehension — Detail Questions

Hello! Today, we’re tackling a special type of reading comprehension problem! Learn how to identify, solve and spot common traps in detail questions. If you have any questions or comments, leave them below!

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Detail Questions in GMAT Reading Comprehension

Success comes through preparation. I can see that you want to succeed. You ended up here, looking for more information about a specific type of question in the reading comprehension section of the GMAT. The Detail Question is one of the most common questions that you will see in reading comprehension, making it an important […]

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GMAT Tuesdays with Kevin: Reading Comprehension – Main Idea

Hello! This week, I’ll explore some basics of the GMAT’s “main idea” questions and prepare you with a strategy for tackling these types of questions.   As always, leave me a comment or question below, and I just might make a GMAT Tuesday video out of it :).  

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GMAT Tuesdays with Kevin: Inferences

Or, is it GMAT Tuesdays with Chris? Watch as I reclaim GMAT Tuesdays and explain how to identify inference problems on the GMAT! Let us know if you have any questions (and if you prefer GMAT Tuesdays with Chris or Kevin!) in the comments below :).

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GMAT Tuesdays with Kevin: How to Improve Reading Comprehension

Hello! I know a lot of you have a hard time working through those long GMAT reading comprehension passages, so I thought I’d share a few tips for how you can improve. After you’ve watched the video, let us know if you have any questions in the comments below. And, happy holidays from Magoosh :).

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GMAT Tuesdays with Kevin: Note Taking

Hello! Taking notes on GMAT reading can be tough: you’re not sure what the important points are and the process just slows you down. Well, the tip for this week is practice makes perfect! Your note taking skills can and WILL improve over the course of your studies, and I’ll show you how. Follow along with the […]

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Medical Trials and the Placebo Effect on the GMAT Critical Reasoning

This article is the seventh in a series of real-world issues that could be useful background in interpreting GMAT Critical Reasoning and Reading Comprehension questions.  Here are the first six articles 1) Economics: Supply and Demand 2) Economics: Labor and Wages 3) Economics: Inflation, unemployment, and interest rates 4) Law: “beyond any reasonable doubt” 5) […]

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GMAT Reading Comprehension Practice Questions

Sample Reading Comprehension Passage Most educated people of the eighteenth century, such as the Founding Fathers, subscribed to Natural Rights Theory, the idea that every human being has a considerable number of innate rights, simply by virtue of being a human person. When the US Constitution was sent to the states for ratification, many at […]

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