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Archive | Verbal

GMAT Tuesday: OG Reading Comprehension #3

Question 3 in the reading comprehension section of the Official Guide to the GMAT is again, a detail question. They’ve loaded up the detail questions in this first group of questions. 馃榾 We’ll dive into how to approach detail questions, how to identify wrong answers, and of course, how to arrive at the right answer. […]

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GMAT Tuesday: OG Reading Comprehension #2

Hello! We are back with the third in our series of 5 videos, diving into the reading comprehension section of the Official Guide to the GMAT. We are tackling another detail question, which means you’ll learn how to approach detail questions and the common wrong answers in detail questions. Video Transcript Hello. Welcome to the […]

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Introduction to GMAT Critical Reasoning

One question on the GMAT Verbal Section is Critical Reasoning.聽 On this question, the prompt presents some sort of argument, and then asks you, in one way or another, to analyze the argument鈥攆or example, by strengthening it, weakening it, finding its underlying assumption, etc.聽聽 The argument prompt is typically less than 100 words, much shorter […]

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How to Study for GMAT Verbal

Many GMAT Verbal improvement tips are focused on the nitty-gritty: nail your idioms, learn to deconstruct the elements of the Critical Reasoning argument, know what constitutes a wrong answer on reading comprehension鈥攁nd what constitutes a right answer. Those are without a doubt important, and if you haven鈥檛 learned them yet that should be your next […]

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GMAT English

The GMAT, of course, is given in English.聽 In fact, the GMAT Verbal section assesses a high level of English usage.聽 This certainly presents a challenge to folks who are learning English as a second language, and it also presents challenges to American students, native speakers, who speak colloquial English and are less familiar with […]

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GMAT Tuesday: Common Flaws in AWA – Errors in Causality

Once you hone your skills for identifying this error, you will see it everywhere. It’s one of the most common flaws that humans make鈥攅rrors in causality. We are really bad at understanding the relationship of events, actions, and results. We look at an example prompt, which you can find in the PDF of sample prompts […]

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GMAT Diagnostic Test Recommendations

This blog article is to make study recommendations to folks who took the Magoosh GMAT Diagnostic Test.聽 For folks who took both the Quant Diagnostic and the Verbal Diagnostic, the recommendations here will fall into four buckets, according to your scores on the two diagnostic tests. 1) Group 1: Quant score 1-6; Verbal Score 1-6 […]

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