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Using Diagrams to Solve GMAT Rate Problems: Part 2

In Part 1 we used what is called an RTD table to solve a fairly typical rate problem. Today I want to revisit the problem in Part 1 to make a simple point:   There’s more than one correct way to use the table. If you keep in mind a few simple truth about the […]

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Using Diagrams to Solve GMAT Rate Problems: Part 1

Diagrams are great! Like all types of scratch-work, diagrams can forestall cognitive fatigue because working a problem out on paper is much less demanding than doing all the work in your head. Diagrams can also help you to visualize relationships, and can make problems more concrete. Generally though, we use diagrams to generate equations, which […]

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GMAT Math: Rate Questions

Learn to master this common type of GMAT word problem!   Speed Rate is another word for speed, and the equation for this is D = RT (which some people remember as the “dirt” equation).  D = distance, R = rate (a.k.a. speed, a.k.a. velocity), and T = time.  One common source of errors is […]

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GMAT Work Rate Problems

First of all, consider these three GMAT like questions.  Try them on your own before reading the post.  I will show solutions to these practice questions at the end of this post. 1) Running at the same rate, 8 identical machines can produce 560 paperclips a minute.  At this rate, how many paperclips could 20 […]

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Breakdown of GMAT Quant Concepts by Frequency

Magoosh’s very own Mike McGarry, GMAT/Math Teacher/Tutor/Foosball player extraordinaire, went through 5 different sets of Official GMAT Practice Material and tallied questions based on the subject material they tested to find the most common GMAT questions. Here are the samples of Official Material he used to figure out the GMAT Quant breakdown: 1.GMAT Official Guide […]

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GMAT Distance and Work: Rate Formula

Formulas A rate is how fast something is growing, changing, or being performed.  The overarching rate formula is: Amount = Rate x Time   When the rate is a speed, this simplifies to the familiar formula: Distance = Speed x Time   In questions about speed, especially where an object travels at one speed for […]

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