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GMAT Practice Problems: Variables in the Answer Choices

1) Jennifer can buy watches at a price of B dollars per watch, which she marks up by a certain percentage before selling. If she makes a total profit of T by selling N watches, then in terms of B and T and N, what is the percent of the markup from her buy price […]

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Challenging GMAT Problems with Exponents and Roots

Here are twelve challenging problems related to the topic of exponents & roots.  Remember, no calculator. (A) 17 (B) 19 (C) 21 (D) 23 (E) 27 4) Rank the following quantities in order, from smallest to biggest. (A) I, II, III (B) I, III, II (C) II, I, III (D) III, I, II (E) III, […]

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GMAT Tuesdays with Kevin: Problem Solving – Co-Prime

Hello! This week, we’re tackling the GMAT math through a question that a student brought up. At first, the problem seems like a plug-and-chug kind of problem. But with the help of a crucial insight, this problem can be solved much quicker! Watch the video to find out what that insight is. Here’s a still […]

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Asking Excellent Questions

Success on the GMAT depends on many skills, and one skill that can help a student make enormous progress is the skill of asking excellent questions.  In order to discuss this skill, first let’s look at a relatively straightforward practice problem. 14 26 28 32 38 I will show a full solution at the bottom […]

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Compound Interest on the GMAT

First, a few practice problems.  Remember: no calculator! 1) If $5,000,000 is the initial amount placed in an account that collects 7% annual interest, which of the following compounding rates would produce the largest total amount after two years? compounding annually compounding quarterly compounding monthly compounding daily All four of these would produce the same […]

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Left Overs Ratios and a Double Matrix from the QA Webinar

We recently issued a call for you, and other students, to submit questions that we could answer in a video series. There were a lot of great submissions, and the ones that we thought useful for a broad swath of students, we answered in our video series. These videos will be released over the next […]

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GMAT Quantitative: Ratio and Proportions

First, a bank of eight practice problems 1) A certain zoo has mammal and reptiles and birds, and no other animals.  The ratio of mammals to reptiles to birds is 11: 8:5.  How many birds are in the zoo? Statement (1): there are twelve more mammals in the zoo than there are reptiles Statement (2): […]

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How to Plug in Numbers on GMAT Math Questions

First, a few practice GMAT math questions. 1) Last year, the price of a vacation package was P.  At the beginning of this year, the price went up 40%.  Lucas used a travel voucher to purchase the vacation package at 30% off this year’s price.   In terms of P, how much did Lucas pay? (A) […]

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GMAT Quant: Must Be True Problems

First, try these challenging GMAT practice problems. Give yourself a strict time-limit of six minutes for the set. 1) If A is a number, which of the following must be true for any A? 2) If F and G are integers, with F < G, which of the following must be true? 3) If J […]

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GMAT Problem Solving Sample Questions

On the GMAT Quantitative section, the Problem Solving questions are just the familiar five-choice multiple choice math problems you have seen on every standardized test since well before puberty.  Here, you have discovered a veritable treasure chest of Problem Solving sample questions.   Below is a link to thirty-two different articles on this blog, each with […]

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