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GMAT Tuesdays with Kevin: Percent Change Trap, Part 2

UPDATE: We replaced the old GMAT Tuesday in this post with a new video because one of our readers spotted an error and brought it up to us–thank you, Alex! This week is a continuation of last week’s GMAT Tuesday video! I’ll show you how to solve that tricky percent change problem faster with a […]

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GMAT Tuesdays with Kevin: Percent Change Trap

Beware of this common percent change trap! Keep this crucial concept in mind to help you stay safe on the test: if you go up by a percent and down by the same percent, you won’t end up in the same place. Also, make sure to come back next week, and I’ll teach you how […]

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Left Overs Ratios and a Double Matrix from the QA Webinar

We recently issued a call for you, and other students, to submit questions that we could answer in a video series. There were a lot of great submissions, and the ones that we thought useful for a broad swath of students, we answered in our video series. These videos will be released over the next […]

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GMAT Quant: Practice Problems with Percents

First, here are eight practice problems exploring typical GMAT percent themes. 1. The original price of a suit is $200.  The price increased 30%, and after this increase, the store published a 30% off coupon for a one-day sale.  Given that the consumers who used the coupon on sale day were getting 30% off the […]

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Multiple Solutions in GMAT Math

First, a couple questions to start: 1) A large research project was scheduled over the course of a 28-month period, and a budget of $84,000 was allotted for the course of the entire project.  After seven months, the project had spent $19,800.  Was the project at this point over budget or under budget, and by […]

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Breakdown of GMAT Quant Concepts by Frequency

Magoosh’s very own Mike McGarry, GMAT/Math Teacher/Tutor/Foosball player extraordinaire, went through 5 different sets of Official GMAT Practice Material and tallied questions based on the subject material they tested to find the most common GMAT questions. Here are the samples of Official Material he used to figure out the GMAT Quant breakdown: 1.GMAT Official Guide […]

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Percent Change Problems on the GMAT

This is, among other things, a case study of one of the harder Data Sufficiency problems in the OG.   Percents as Multipliers You can find several good tips on percent problems at this post.  The most relevant here is the idea of a percent as multiplier.  To change a percent into a multiplier: (a) change […]

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Understanding Percents on the GMAT

Here are five quick tips to make you much more effective at interpreting and solving GMAT problems involving percents, one of the most common GMAT questions.   Percents and Decimals Fundamentally, a percent is a fraction out of 100 – it is per centum (Latin for “per 100″).  It’s easy to change a percent to […]

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