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GMAT Math: Midpoints and Parallel vs. Perpendicular lines

First, a few practice questions. 1) Line A has the equation 3x + y = 7.  Which of the following lines is perpendicular to Line A? y = 3x + 4 y = –3x – 6 y = (1/3)x – 1 y = (–1/3)x + 2 y = (–7/3)x – 5 2) Line P has […]

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GMAT Sets: Venn Diagrams

Learn this technique to master set questions of GMAT Quant word problem.    Practice questions First, try these challenging practice questions. 1) Of the 80 house in a development, 50 have a two-car garage, 40 have an in-the-ground swimming pool, and 35 have both a two-car garage and an in-the-ground swimming pool.  How many houses […]

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GMAT Math: Special Properties of the Line y = x

The 45º angle Fact: All lines with slopes of 1 make 45º angles with both the x- and y-axes. Conversely, if a line makes a 45º angles with either the x- of y-axes, you know immediately its slope must be . This first fact is true, not only for y = x and y = […]

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