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Difficult Numerical Reasoning Questions

The GMAT Quantitative section excels at creating problems that frustrate folks who try to get through math by memorizing formulas.   It excels at creating out-of-the-box problems that really demand folks use logic and number sense to dissect the problem.   Here are four out-of-the-box Data Sufficiency problems to consider. 1) Peter went to the store to […]

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GMAT Tuesdays with Kevin: Data Sufficiency Practice

Hello! This week, I’ll be explaining how you can avoid a very tricky data sufficiency trap that’s often on the GMAT! I’ll be referring to the data sufficiency answer choices in this problem, so if you need a refresher on what those are, you can find them here. As always, leave us any questions or […]

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GMAT Quant: Arithmetic with Inequalities

Here are four GMAT Data Sufficiency questions involving inequalities. Full solutions will come at the end of this article.   The arithmetic of equations: a review First of all, let’s review what should be more familiar — the arithmetic of equations.   Suppose A = B and P = Q.  The soundbyte is: you can combine […]

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GMAT Tuesdays with Kevin: Data Sufficiency Workflow Flowchart

Hi, everyone! This week’s video is one of my favorites, because it’s about Data Sufficiency, and it has an awesome flowchart: Here’s a screenshot of the flowchart (you should memorize it!):

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GMAT Data Sufficiency Practice Questions on Probability

First off, some of my previous blogs that may be relevant: 1) Data Sufficiency Tips 2) Probability Rules 3) The probability of the “at least” scenario 4) Probability problems involving counting Here are eight practice questions.  Solutions will appear at the end of the article. 1) In nine independent trials, what is the probability that […]

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GMAT Sample Data Sufficiency Practice Questions

Unlike Problem Solving, Data Sufficiency is a question-type unique to the GMAT.  Data Sufficiency questions demand their own logic and their own strategies.   Sample Data Sufficiency questions from the blog Below are links to seven different blog articles, each with at least two Data Sufficiency sample questions.   The solutions are given at the end […]

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GMAT Data Sufficiency Tips

Probably on every standardized test you have taken in your life, you have had multiple choice math problems — that’s exactly what the Problem Solving questions are.  No big surprise there.  The other type of question, though, Data Sufficiency, is a beast unique to the GMAT.  I would argue that the Data Sufficiency section is […]

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GMAT Math: The Many Meanings of Minus

First of all, for warm-up, a practice Data Sufficiency question. The symbol What does this symbol mean in math? Technically, this symbol, typographically a dash, has three different meanings in mathematics, viz.: a) a subtraction sign b) a negative sign c) an opposite sign   The subtraction sign When the dash appears between two terms  […]

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GMAT Math: Possibilities for Variables

How do we know what the possible values for a variable on the GMAT are?  First of all, consider this DS problem 1) Is P > Q? Statement #1: P = 5*Q Statement #2: P = Q + R For folks who are not as comfortable with math, or are a bit rusty with math, […]

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Five Common GMAT Math Mistakes

A good deal of success in math is simply about careful detail management.  If you are, by nature, someone already comfortable with math, highly organized and detail oriented, probably none of these mistakes will plague your work.  This is a post for folks who may be a little rusty in math, and need to be […]

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