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Challenging Coordinate Geometry Practice Questions

Earlier, we featured a blog of Coordinate Geometry practice questions.  Here are eight more questions, some of which are challenging. 1) Graph G has a line of symmetry of x = –5/2.  Graph G passes through the point (3, 3).  What is the x-coordinate of another point that must have a y-coordinate of 3? (A) […]

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GMAT Quant: Coordinate Geometry Practice Questions

For more information on Coordinate Geometry on the GMAT, see these articles: 1) Quadrants in the x-y Plane 2) Special Properties of y = x 3) Distance between Two Points 4) Slopes 5) Midpoints and Parallel & Perpendicular lines   Here are five new practice problems on these topics. 1. The center of circle Q […]

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GMAT Math: Midpoints and Parallel vs. Perpendicular lines

First, a few practice questions. 1) Line A has the equation 3x + y = 7.  Which of the following lines is perpendicular to Line A? y = 3x + 4 y = –3x – 6 y = (1/3)x – 1 y = (–1/3)x + 2 y = (–7/3)x – 5 2) Line P has […]

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GMAT Math: Lines & Slope in the x-y plane

Here are a set of practice GMAT questions about the Cartesian plane. 1) What is the equation of the line that goes through (–2, 3) and (5, –4)? y = –x + 1 y = x + 5 y = –3x/7 + 15/7 y = –4x/3 + 1/3 y = 9x/5 + 33/5 2) The […]

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GMAT Coordinate Geometry: Distance Between Two Points

How do you find the distance between two points in the x-y plane?  First, try these practice questions. 1) What is the distance from (–7, 2) to (5, –3)? 10 11 12 13 14 2) Consider the three points in the x-y plane: P = (8, 4), Q = (6, 7), and R = (9, […]

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GMAT Math: Special Properties of the Line y = x

The 45º angle Fact: All lines with slopes of 1 make 45º angles with both the x- and y-axes. Conversely, if a line makes a 45º angles with either the x- of y-axes, you know immediately its slope must be . This first fact is true, not only for y = x and y = […]

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Breakdown of GMAT Quant Concepts by Frequency

Magoosh’s very own Mike McGarry, GMAT/Math Teacher/Tutor/Foosball player extraordinaire, went through 5 different sets of Official GMAT Practice Material and tallied questions based on the subject material they tested to find the most common GMAT questions. Here are the samples of Official Material he used to figure out the GMAT Quant breakdown: 1.GMAT Official Guide […]

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Quadrants on the GMAT: The Cartesian Plane

Learn to master an area the GMAT loves to test.  The Cartesian Plane (a.k.a. the x-y plane) is a favorite GMAT topic, especially on GMAT Data Sufficiency.  It’s a simple topic, but with just enough subtlety that the testmakers can spin endless questions from it. Quadrants The quadrants begin with I, where both x and […]

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