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Rates and Ratios

Rates are just ratios.  Here are a four problems exploring rates.  Remember: no calculator! 1) Someone on a skateboard is traveling 12 miles per hour.  How many feet does she travel in 10 seconds?  (1 mile = 5280 feet) 60 88 120 176 264 2) At 12:00 noon, a machine, operating at a fixed rate, […]

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GMAT Tuesdays with Kevin: How to Make a Multiplier

Hello! There’s an easy and straightforward 3-step process to making multipliers, but that simple skill will come in very handy on the GMAT! This week, learn how this 3-step process and then put it to work on an actual problem. You can take a look at the final board work here: And, you can also […]

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Circle problems on the GMAT

Here are eight practice problems involving circles.  The difficulty of these problems ranges from medium to very challenging. 1) In the diagram above, O is the center of the circle and angle AOB = 144º.  What is the area of the circle? Statement #1: The area of sector AOB is 40% of the area of […]

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Asking Excellent Questions

Success on the GMAT depends on many skills, and one skill that can help a student make enormous progress is the skill of asking excellent questions.  In order to discuss this skill, first let’s look at a relatively straightforward practice problem. 14 26 28 32 38 I will show a full solution at the bottom […]

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Practice Problems on Powers and Roots

Here are ten reasonably challenging problems on powers and roots.  Solutions follow the problems.   Remember, no calculator! Statement #1: x < 1 Statement #2: x > –1 4 8 14 28 42 5) If A is an integer, what is the value of A? 11 30 45 75 225   Powers & roots This is […]

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GMAT Practice Questions with Fractions and Decimals

Here are ten problems on fractions and decimals, some of which are quite challenging.  Remember, no calculator! 0.1 1 10 100 1000 6)  Suppose you have access to a large vat of distilled water, several gallons large.  You have two precise measuring pipettes, one to measure exactly 1/3 of an ounce and one to measure […]

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GMAT Tuesdays with Kevin: Challenge Question — Tour through Geometry

  Hello! This week, I’m solving a tough challenge question that you might have seen on our blog if you visit often! This challenge question draws on a whole host of geometry concepts and formulas, so it’s a great test for how much of geometry you really know. And just in case the board isn’t […]

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Consecutive Integers and Multiples on the GMAT

To begin, here are four reasonably challenging practice problems. 1) S is a set of n consecutive positive integers.  Is the mean of the set a positive integer? Statement #1: the range of S is an even integer Statement #2: the median of S is a positive integer 2) If N = 255 is the […]

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GMAT Geometry Practice Problems

1) A triangle could possibly intersect a circle at the following number of points: I. 3 II. 4 III. 5 I only I & II only I & III only II & III only I, II, III 2) Each circle in the diagram above has a radius of r = 6.  What is the total […]

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GMAT Tuesdays with Kevin: Math Foundations – Distributing Roots

Hello friends! Can you spot the mistake in this week’s video? Hint: it deals with a fundamental math property! It’s also a very common mistake made on the GMAT. So, did you spot it? Keep watching the video to make sure you also know how to avoid this mistake on test day! Leave any comments […]

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