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Archive | Quantitative

Can You Use a Calculator on the GMAT?

Question: Can you use a calculator on the GMAT?  Are calculators of any kind permitted on the GMAT? No. No calculator is allowed on the GMAT Quantitative section. The only exception where you can use a calculator on the GMAT is the new Integrated Reasoning section, which has its own IR Calculator.  The IR is a special […]

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GMAT Diagnostic Test Recommendations

This blog article is to make study recommendations to folks who took the Magoosh GMAT Diagnostic Test.  For folks who took both the Quant Diagnostic and the Verbal Diagnostic, the recommendations here will fall into four buckets, according to your scores on the two diagnostic tests. 1) Group 1: Quant score 1-6; Verbal Score 1-6 […]

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GMAT Tuesday: “Must Be True” Math Questions

The very tricky and very nefarious “must be true” question type can foil the best math minds. Without practice, prep, and a good strategy, you might find yourself wasting a lot of time on these questions. Today I’ll cover a useful strategy for these questions and work through a problem in the Official Guide to […]

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GMAT Tuesdays: Data Sufficiency – Watch Your Assumptions!

    Don’t get caught assuming too much on the GMAT. They are looking for students to make big assumptions when they are trying to save time. In this Data Sufficiency question, there is a big trap for anyone who assumes too much about the problem. For more practice with traps on Data Sufficiency questions, click […]

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Manipulating Algebraic Equations and Expressions with Fractions: Systems of Equations

A student writes, Sometimes the answer explanation suggests that I clear fractions by multiplying an entire equation by a common denominator. Sometimes the answer explanation suggests that I manipulate just one side of an equation. How do I know which is better? This is a surprisingly subtle question. It turns out that the answer is […]

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