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Archive | General Study Strategies

GMAT Tuesdays: What to Bring on Test Day

  Here is a GMAT test day checklist and some general tips from beautiful Yosemite! Some things you can just pick up the day of (bottle of water, your ID) and other things you should take care of the night before (printing out your reservation confirmation). I’d recommend making an actual, physical list on paper so […]

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GMAT Tuesdays: How Long to Study to Increase Your Score

Hello and Happy Tuesday! Today, I bring you GMAT knowledge straight from beautiful Austin Creek State Park. The question of the week: How much time should you study for the GMAT? The answer: It depends on how much you want to increase your score.   General Outline 10-20points: Approximately 1 month 50-100 points: 1-3 months […]

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GMAT Tuesdays: How Much Time You Need to Prepare for the GMAT

Hello, and welcome back to GMAT Tuesdays with Kevin! In today’s video, I’ll help you determine how long you need to study for the GMAT, in order to achieve your goal score. Here’s a quick breakdown of the criteria I’ll discuss: 1. How do you handle standardized testing? If you’re not blessed with natural test-taking […]

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GMAT Tuesdays: Building Your GMAT Syllabus

Hello! Guess what? It’s Tuesday! And on this Tuesday, we’ll discuss how to build a GMAT syllabus that will successfully prepare you for the test! Here are a series of links to the resources that I mention in the video: Magoosh Study Schedules GMATPrep Manhattan GMAT Practice Tests Magoosh GMAT eBook Magoosh IR book Idiom […]

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The GMAT Is an Acquired Taste

If acquiring tastes could be considered a hobby in and of itself, you could call me an hobbyist. Here are a few hard-to-swallow bits and bobs I’ve learned to love in my life: Black coffee Kimchi Black metal Grammar Liver Absinthe Gertrude Stein Very dark chocolate Kombucha Distance running Free jazz Math problems Alright, so […]

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Don’t Fear Mistakes

One of the consistent things I hear from students involves mistakes. For some reason, students don’t want to make them. They avoid doing practice tests or even doing practice problems until they’ve covered all the basics or watched all the lesson videos or read all the introductory explanations. Nothing is more detrimental. Well, I suppose […]

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